Mushrooms in action

Sorry for the lack of posting! It’s been a strange mixture of being really busy yet nothing very interesting happening.

But this little bit was just too fun for me not to share!
My biggest seller in my shop are my Three Dainty Mushrooms – they have a simplicity to them that I think people like…

Three Dainty Mushrooms by Jadeflower

But it is very rare, with anything I sell on Etsy, that I get to see how my little product is used or enjoyed. But I just got an email from Elisa, whose blog McLaughlin Designs shows me just that! The photos on her site are beautiful, and she took this little shot of her new succulent terrarium with a trio of dainty mushrooms! (I was so excited!)

photo from McLaughlin Designs

Isn’t that sweet? (See her full blog post here)

Elisa also has a gorgeous Etsy shop where she sells original knitting patterns, so if you are a knitter, check it out!


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