Jadeflower is a project by Rebekka Guenther Ferbrache, both a personal weblog and corresponding Etsy.com art shop (www.jadeflower.etsy.com).


This blog is a venue for Rebekka to share what she is doing day-to-day, to update folks on the art projects she is working on, both in her ceramics as well as other crafts and miscellaneous projects she can’t seem to live without.

9 responses to “About

  1. love to have your mini mushrooms in my new garden store launching in late October. I can send details if you’d like.

  2. Janet

    Do you have a pig in space costume that I can purchase from you? Please advise as soon as possible.

  3. Hi jade. I have just seen your beemo teaset and its amazing!!! I know it was a while ago now but any chance you could make another for me? My partner absolutely loves beemo and is always making cups of tea so this would be so perfect for him!! It would match his quirkyness perfectly! Any chance? Also, how much would you charge?
    Thanks jade,

  4. Marie Pfeifer

    I was wondering if you could make a minion urn and how much it would be.

  5. Mary-Lou Owen

    Hi Rebekka, I’m looking around for an urn for my husband who passed away at the weekend and both of us being Dr Who fans I immediately fell in love with your TARDIS Urn. Are they still available? Can I personalise it? I’m in Australia.

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