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You’re a winner, cupcake

I was just so tickled by this that I wanted to share!

I don’t normally enter website giveaways, simply because I just don’t win contests. But I happened upon this website last week:, which as the name suggests is a website devoted to cupcakes! How fun is that?

And it just so happened that they were doing a giveaway contest for the cutest faux cupcake favor from a party company called Diva Entertains. They have lots of cupcake party favors and supplies, as well as just about any other party theme you could want.

And I WON! I’m just flabbergasted ^_^

So here is my prize:

How cute! It looks so real. And I’m totally planning to use my faux cupcake in my photo shoots for my little cupcake stands in my Etsy shop.
It may seem like a little thing, but I’m SO excited!

So, thanks to AllThingsCupcake and Diva Entertains!!

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Last attempt at summer

This weekend was a whirlwind, consisting of long drives, ferry rides, walking windy coastal beaches and lounging by a campfire. M & I went in for one more bit of fun (before summer leaves us behind) and went camping with our good friends Matt & Darby.

kalaloch lodge archway

We went to one of my fave camping locales – Kalaloch (kah-LAY-lock) on the Olympic Peninsula. It takes about 4 hours to get there from Seattle (including a ferry ride) if you time it right. But we still ended up getting there in the dark. The stars were amazing – we got a rare clear night. I had never seen the Milky Way before, but there it was! Just awe-inspiring.

We made an awesome breakfast Saturday morning (which really ended up being lunch). Bacon, hash browns, scrambled eggs, muffins Darby brought, and a messy blueberry pancake. Turns out pancakes are not easy on a camp stove!

camp breakfast

Saturday was spent walking on a blustery beach, flying kites, collecting beach wood.

M kite-flying

And the sun broke through for one shining moment.

The Ocean

The rain moved in late Saturday night, and we woke up Sunday to a very soggy campsite. We packed up as quickly as we could in the morning, but I think we all got quite soaked. We headed to the Kalaloch Lodge for breakfast, before heading back home.

kalaloch lodge signage

A very fun weekend, but definitely grateful to have a warm cozy bed to come home to! Summer is definitely over at the coast. Maybe we’ll see a few more warm days in the city, but now thoughts are turning toward autumn.
Anyone else have last trips or thoughts of summer?


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