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Holiday Traditions

The last two months have been a blur here, and it appears there will be no sign of let-up any time soon! 🙂

However, in between building Tardis Teapots, glazing Tardis Teapots, firing Tardis Teapots and shipping Tardis Teapots (ahem, no joke), I am trying to find at least a little bit of balance. It’s especially important, yet ever so difficult, during the Christmas season!
M and I have done a bit of Christmas decorating around the house, but haven’t finished. I’ve attempted to start a few DIY gifts, but really find that if I even think about using my time for other activities, I get a bit anxious. 😛

However, one thing I definitely will take time for this Christmas is a tradition I’ve observed ever since I was very small. I’m sure there aren’t that many people who share this yearly act, but for me, it’s not Christmas without it! I am speaking of watching my very favorite-est Christmas special ever – Christmas Eve on Sesame Street.

This is old-school goodness! First aired in 1978, and it has awesome music, and of course, the best Sesame Street Muppets, including Big Bird, Grover, a snarky Oscar the Grouch, and Kermit the Frog (yay Jim Henson!). My folks had a taped-off TV copy of the special for as long as I can remember. A few years back I found a VHS copy of it of my very own. And yes, I pop that baby in to my VCR (I do still have a VCR!) and watch it every year 🙂

After attempting to have Matt’s little second-cousins watch the special last year while we were having Christmas with his family, I realized that this movie is “edgier” than the stuff kids watch these days (what the heck??) but you can be sure that my (future) children will learn early the magic that is Christmas Eve on Sesame Street 🙂

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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