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happy post-halloween

Before it is completely un-relevant, I want to post a few pics from Halloween!

M and I decided to dress up as Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers from one of our favorite movies from the last  year or so! M had it so easy, but my get-up was a little more involved.

ramona flowers costume

But of course, I never make anything easy for myself!
Here’s what I decided I needed to make a sweet Ramona Flowers costume…
My reference pictures of the lovely Mary Elizabeth Winstead



So let’s start from the ground up!
*Fuzzy brown knee high boots (yay, I already owned a great pair!)
*Opaque pink tights (I found mine on Ebay)
*Navy blue nylon shorts (scoured the local thrift stores and found a cheap pair)
*Blue hoodie sweatshirt jacket, preferably with a white zipper (I totally lucked out at Value Village)
*Military style green coat (yay, already owned this too!)
*She wears a purple-pink fuzzy sweater under all this, but I figured this would be way too hot, so I just wore a light pink t-shirt
*A black double string necklace (I literally just tied a black string around my neck)
*Of course, some kind of colored hair! Pink, blue, green! (This wig is reeeeeeally bright pink, but I couldn’t find a good cheap wig in the right color and style. This one was $10 from Goodwill…and it was new, btw)
*And lastly, steampunk goggles (I found mine on Amazon for a great price, under ‘welding goggles’)

*Her make-up is easy, a little eye liner, mascara, and bright peachy red lipstick

ramona flowers costume, head shot!

Oh, and of course, the big accessories! I had a heck of a time at the thrift stores finding a round purse I could transform into Ramona’s signature star purse. So I looked up some tutorials and attempted to make my own. I am super happy with the result, and I will totally use this as a normal purse! Here are some good resources if you want to make your own: Dulce Et Utile and this Instructables post.
And then there’s the giant hammer. I used a big cardboard tube and a make-shift cardboard top part, held together with hot glue and tape, haha, and spray painted silver. Awesome, right? Hey, it’ll do!

And here’s all M had to do…pose with his guitar đŸ˜›

M as scott pilgrim

But really, he’s kinda spot on…

Anyways! Fun time over the weekend. Now looking onward. The long march to Christmas! busy busy busy


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