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a new spike

I have a new sculpture posted in my Shop that I totally procrastinated on photographing. We had a smidgen of sunshine this morning, so I thought, “it’s now or never!” and broke out the trusty tripod.

I started making spike-covered sculptures back in college. I discovered the habit in my second ceramics class, as I covered a little pinch-pot with spikes on a whim, and just about all of my classmates flipped out over it. I thought to myself, “I think I’m on to something here…”

I’ve been making spiky sculptures ever since. As you can imagine, I’ve become very proficient at making cones; I’m a veritable cone-making machine when I’m working on one of these. It’s a necessity, really, when even a medium-sized sculpture like this one will take probably over 20 hours to cover with spikes (and that’s just a guesstimate, I’ve never timed myself).

I had taken a bit of a break from making sculptures for a little while (especially after my last spiky piece actually cracked in the kiln and I was a bit heart-broken). I’ve been so busy with my regular (i.e. sell-able) inventory and custom orders, that making a time consuming spiky sculpture seemed indulgent, if not simply a waste of my precious time! But it was actually something I discovered I needed to do, as I was doing it. And I couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out. πŸ™‚ Even the glazing didn’t disappoint me (which happens more often than I care to admit)!

So here’s to not always letting craft trump art! And also, to finding the time to nurture both πŸ™‚

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Our wedding on Offbeat Bride!

I couldn’t be more excited to discover that M and my summer wedding from last July is featured on Offbeat Bride! And I couldn’t be happier for Sheila Addleman (our AMAZING photographer), letting her photos shine!

This is the only wedding-blog feature that I know of that our wedding has been in, so I’m crazy excited! Especially when it’s a blog I most definitely visited when I was planning our wedding! Since, of course, both M and I knew we weren’t going to do a traditional-type wedding.

So head over and check it out!!!! (And can I say, I just love that they called it Bekka & Matt’s ΓΌber DIY wedding! yessssssss) ^_^

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a brunch for four

In the last year, my group of girlfriends and I have made a “pact” of sorts, to actually schedule getting together at least once a month. We alternate between having a “girls-only” meet-up and a girls-plus-guys dinner party that rotates from each of our houses. It has been such a fun, and really essential, way we’ve kept better in touch. I’m sure everyone who’s on this side of twenty has experienced the fact that when you start to grow up, everyone gets busy with their own lives. It can get hard to get a hold of those people who mean so much to you!

brunch time via Design*Sponge

So I LOVE this post Design*Sponge put up today –Β  inspiration boards for a beautiful brunch! How much fun are these?

brunch inspiration via Design*Sponge

If weekend brunch was something I did all the time, I’d love to create a collection of beautiful, fun, and functional pieces to my kitchen line-up!
The girls and I are meeting up at K’s house for brunch on Sunday this weekend, potluck style. No bloody Marys, but there will be mimosas ^_^ Have a great weekend, all!

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Mirror, mirror…

I am a self-professed Goodwill (or any thrift/antique store, garage sale) junkie. M will often roll his eyes at me when we pass one, and I say, “Can we look for just a minute!”

I can’t help it, I love old & used stuff.

old metal filigree mirror

So in my last visit to my favorite Seattle Goodwill, as I was scouting for other things on my list, I found this old, heavy, dusty, flaking, gold-colored metal mirror. I am a sucker for fancy filigree, so long as it isn’t cheap or flimsy or fake. This little mirror was darling! and only $1.99 – score!!

So I’ve seen lots of tutorials and before/after shots of SO many household items that have been given a second life with a new coat of spray paint. Until now, I had resisted the temptation to cover every piece of interesting junk I could find with bright colors. But here, I succumbed.

mirror frame, first coat

I loved the weightiness of this mirror, but I didn’t love the worn, flaky gold color. I decided to paint it a teal blue/green to match our livingroom area rug and throw pillows. I asked what M thought when I showed him my bargain treasure find, and he said – Awesome idea. πŸ™‚ That teal is one of M’s favorite colors.

We found a good color match at our local Fred Meyer hardware department – a Rustoleum hue called Lagoon, smooth-satin finish.

Rust-oleum Lagoon

It took me about 10 light coats of paint over 3 days to get the amount of coverage I liked. This stuff was very easy to work with, and it dried really quickly, so I did 3-4 coats each day. It was tricky getting into all the nooks and crannies of this mirror! But in the end:

refinished mirror, detail


refinished mirror, Lagoon blue

It looks fantastic! It’s tough to get the color just right in the pictures here – it looks more greenish in real life. And it goes perfectly with our pops of teal in the living room. Now I just have to figure out where to put it… πŸ™‚

gotta love bright pops of color

So I still have a whole can of beautiful teal spray paint…Now, what else can I refinish? πŸ™‚


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