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I’m finally on Instagram!

Hi, folks who may still check in here periodically! I know I’ve totally dropped off with posting to my blog here. What with taking care of a little one full time as well as trying to keep my business running at a somewhat productive level, it’s been really hard to find the energy and organization to write posts! It’s an excuse, I know.

So, to make things a little more instantaneous, M suggested I get on board with Instagram. That way I can take photos during my day (mostly work-related: ceramic projects I’m working on, in-progress stuff, and fun new stuff coming out of my kiln). Then,ย getting the content on-line happens right away! Crazy. (Yes, I know I’m super late to this bandwagon – I just never had a device that supported Instagram up till this point).

So now, if you want to see what I’m doing on a more regular basis, follow me atย Or like my Facebook page! All my Instagram pics will show up there too. ๐Ÿ™‚

And every once in a while I might snap a pic of this cutie too:

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This guy makes sure I don't ever get too much done :-p

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Time Flies

Wow, has it really been exactly one year since my last post? Um yes. Yes it has.
Believe me, I didn’t plan to be away so long! It’s been a busy year. But here’s a quick update on a couple of things ’round here.

First off, M and I moved from south of Seattle to just north of Seattle, and it’s a way better situation! We found a cute little rental house on a quiet street. It doesn’t have ants (YAY). It doesn’t leak heat (YAY). And the best part – which really sealed the deal for us when we were house hunting – is this big utility room connected to the garage that ended up being perfect for a ceramics studio!

DSC00948wHere it is all full of my stuff. It has super tall ceilings and a big window that lets in great natural light (something my last studio space was sorely lacking). Most of the time it is a huge mess in there, but it’s fantastic to have the space!

The second big event in the last year occurred right before Christmas.
M and I had our first baby. That’s right – we’re parents now!

Here’s the little guy…about two months old here:

DSC00810wHis name is Ethan Quinn, and we think he’s pretty darn adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC00852wBecoming a mother definitely changes your life. In very real and practical ways (not to mention emotionally). It’s amazing how much time a little helpless person demands of you! Caring for a baby is exhausting, but it’s pretty cool to see him literally change and grow before our eyes. Every day, I can see the little gears in his head working and figuring things out. When he breaks into a smile, it pretty much makes it all worth it.

So as far as my ceramic working goes, I’ve reduced my hours to hardly anything. Every chance I get, I run out to the studio to do a little work, but in the grand scheme of things, I can’t get much done. But I’ve told myself I need to enjoy these early days with Ethan, because they go by so quickly, and he won’t be a baby for long.ย I hope that when the weather starts warming up, and he’s a little bit older and can entertain himself more, I’ll be able to bring him out to the studio and I’ll be able to work while he plays. We’ll see! It’s a learning experience for us both ๐Ÿ™‚

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Makin’ Bacon Pancakes

If you are a fan of the totally awesome animated show “Adventure Time” and also spend any amount of time on the internet, you may have come across this completely get-in-your-head music video…

Anytime I think of it, or if someone says the words “Bacon Pancakes” it is inevitable that this song will then be on repeat in my brain for the rest of the day…or until I make me some bacon pancakes.

So one recent Saturday morning when I actually had some bacon in my fridge, I decided to whip up a batch. And M was most pleased.

Jake the dog’s song says it all – Bacon pancakes…make some bacon and you put it in a pancake!

Here’s my step-by-step for your own delicious meat-candy filled breakfast delight!

First! Start with the bacon.

you start with the bacon!

you start with the bacon!

For 2 people, I found that 4 strips of bacon was plenty. If you’re cooking for more, or have more of an appetite, adjust accordingly!
I like to use the baking method for my bacon. It ensures evenly cooked, flat bacon, and you don’t have to keep an eye on it. Leaving you to do other things!
If you’ve never baked bacon, here’s how I do it: line a baking sheet with foil (for easy clean-up) and fold the edges to contain all the grease. Place your baking sheet into a cold oven, then turn it on to 350 degrees, and let cook for about 15-20 minutes. (Check at 15, and leave in until it is the level of crispiness you like!)

Next! While your bacon cooks, mix up your pancake batter. Just your favorite recipe, be it a box mix or from scratch. My go-to recipe comes from my Joy Of Cooking cookbook. It is my go-to for a lot of basic recipes. ๐Ÿ™‚
When your bacon is done, drain on paper towels and cut each piece in half.

cooked bacon and pancake batter

cooked bacon and pancake batter

Then! In a pre-heated pan or griddle over medium heat, add your first dollop of batter.

First dollop of batter

First dollop of batter

Then while the batter is still mostly uncooked, place 2 pieces of your bacon on top. Gently squish them on in there.

...put it in a pancake

…put it in a pancake

And finally, drizzle some more batter on top of the bacon, to totally encase them in pancake.

bacon, covered with batter

bacon, covered with batter

Then cook as normal! When you see lots of bubbles forming through the top, you know it’s ready to flip.

time to flip the bacon pancake!

time to flip the bacon pancake!

The final stages, of course, are to slather with maple syrup and enjoy!

bacon pancakes!

bacon pancakes!

They look like normal pancakes, but with a secret delicious surprise inside. ;-P

there's bacon inside!

there’s bacon inside!

These make a decadent, yet very easy breakfast. And I dare you not to sing that song the entire time you make them ๐Ÿ˜‰

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A leaf on the wind

Back in April I told you about a very special commission I completed for an amazing couple going though a very hard time.
I just found out that Wash passed away earlier this week. It’s been an emotional morning.


I didn’t know Tashi and her husband Wash personally, but I followed along on Tashi’s blog during all the trials, tribulations, and small joys over the course of this last period of their life together. Though it was clear that Wash wasn’t long for this world, it is still a shock to hear that he has finally moved on. It’s been a heartbreaking story and I wish Tashi all the best as she starts to rebuild her life.

There is much to be said for the kindness of strangers – if you want to help Tashi, there is a support page, and every little bit helps.

Thanks for letting me share โค

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Wash, Tashi, and the Tardis Urn

So, I was debating whether I wanted to write a blog post on this topic. On one hand, it seems (to me) like such a private and sensitive thing, and also I don’t want to appear to be using this very cool experience as way to get publicity. Yet on the other hand, I am so incredibly proud, humbled, and grateful to have been a part of this, that sharing about it won out. And if I can’t share these kinds of things on my own blog, why should I even have one, right?

A little over a month ago, a post showed up on which told the story of a young man Wash and his wife Tashi, who have been battling brain cancer that he’d been diagnosed with over two years ago. It’s a tear-jerker of a story and you should totally click over and read it.
Tashi reached out to the Regretsy community (which is a powerful mofo, lemme tell you), in search of an urn for Wash’s eventual cremains. Specifically, an urn in the shape of the Doctor Who TARDIS. A dying man’s wish.

My first reaction to the request was, wow, this is right up my alley. In fact, I had made, just a few months prior, a Tardis Urn for another family. But my next thought was, of course, No, I’m sure with Regretsy on the case, they’ll get someone amazing to do this in like 2 seconds. (I have issues with judging my self worth and that of my work, in case you were wondering. )
It’s funny, the little things..but within the day, I got a message through Etsy from a person I didn’t even know, asking if I’d seen the Regretsy post, and encouraging me to offer my work. I was blown away. That was all the prompting I needed, and I sat down and wrote an email including pictures and specs to April Winchell aka Helen Killer at Regretsy.

Within a few hours, I got a reply from April, and then another reply:

Well, needless to say, I was thrilled to be corresponding with April, ‘cuz she’s, like, a celebrity. An internet demigod. I thought it was pretty cool. Especially seeing that she thought my work merited 4 exclamation points. *squeee*

After that, three weeks went by, and I didn’t hear anything else. I was a little disappointed, because that certainly meant that they chose someone else to make the urn, which wasn’t too surprising, being that the whole of the Internet seemed to have come out to support Wash and Tashi.
But then! On April 5th, I got a short email from April asking if I was still interested, plus a forwarded email from Tashi, in which said: … ‘When Wash saw Rebekka’s email though and her work he was just captivated. “That’s it! That one!”‘
Of course, I immediately replied YES. And I got to work on it that very day.
Two days later Regretsy posted an update on the urn search, which mentioned me.
Again – coolest. thing. EVER. My name on a blog, that I myself read??? Awesome.

I corresponded with Tashi, who is just about the sweetest gal out there. And her blog, Learning to Hope…jeez…your heart just goes out to them.

I was able to get the urn finished in just about 2 weeks (it would have been less time, but Seattle Pottery Supply is still being lame about keeping my glaze in stock…so frustrating. But the folks at The Potter’s Shack in Portland are awesome, FYI).
I really think it’s the best Tardis I’ve made to date.

Wash requested some special custom details, which I did my very best to apply.

A small chemical equation (oxygen –> gold), a reference to Watchmen. And written inside the lid, the words As you wish.

The urn arrived to Wash and Tashi’s place yesterday and they’ve blogged about receiving it. And I think this picture right here is the one that just hits home for me:

Wash with his Tardis

So, thank you Wash and Tashi, for letting me be a part of this. You are amazing.


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I Chewie, Chewie, Choose You!

I just wanted to share real quick-like.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but M is a graphic designer and talented artist. And this was his Valentine to me yesterday:

my chewbaca valentine

Clearly, this is smile-inducing on many levels. And mainly, I love that we share this strange sense of humor. ^_^

If you want to check out some more of M’s drawings, doodles, and visual musings, take a look at his deviantArt page! โค

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Crazy times

Ok. It’s been a crazy week here.

Mainly because of some awesome internet exposure for my Tardis Teapot. I don’t know who kicked it off, but my friend let me know that it was here(the bird and the bat), and clearly, this lovely lady has some awesome followers. I can’t tell ya how blown away I am at the response to this funny li’l teapot, and how exciting it is!

So now I have an order list for Tardis Teapots a mile long (!) and still growing, and I guess I know exactly what I’ll be doing every day for the next couple of months, lol! (ahem, building teapots…)

BUT, in other events, things I finished up before the madness began… I want to share a few project I’ve finished. If I wait any longer the moment will have passed!

Back in August, my mom and I started a project to re-upholster an armchair that I bought at Goodwill for $15. It was such a comfy, well-built chair that I couldn’t pass it up at that price. The only downside was its awful color. It basically clashed with everything M and I own.

This is the only before picture I managed to get before Mom and I started ripping it apart:

the pink armchair, BEFORE

It wasn’t in bad shape…it’s just that it was, well, pink velour. Yeah, not so much.
So after 3 months of working piece by piece, just learning and adjusting as we went, HERE is what we finally finished with (drumroll, please!)

my stylish reading-nook armchair, AFTER!

The fabric is this fun light canvas print that M and I picked out together from Joann‘s

Fabric: waverly floating petals in black

We thought it was a great modern print, and there’s a bit of bling, in the silver colored branches (yes, sparkly!), in addition to the clean black and gray of the other branches.
After several days of hard work, Mom and I succeeded in finishing my awesome chair.

NEXT, another sewing project that I just finished was this awesome round purse:

ramona flowers subspace purse!

This is a sneak-peak at my Halloween costume…yeah, I’ll be Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. And yes, M will be Scott Pilgrim. I’ll post pics after Halloween, for sure. ๐Ÿ˜‰
The purse was definitely a hard project, and I just figured out how to sew it from looking at pictures and trying to make sense of a round shape. Oh, and sewing with piping is a bitch! That’s all I have to say about that.
But I think it turned out better than expected! Now I just have to pair it up with my pink wig and giant cardboard hammer, hee hee.

OK! Too much time spent bloggin’ already! Gotta get working on those teapots!
Oh, and one last update – here’s the current NEW & IMPROVED shape of the teapot spout, for anyone who is interested:

Jadeflower Tardis Teapot,with updated spout


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