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Young House BOOK Love!

On Friday I took half the day off to head down south for the Home & Garden show at the Tacoma Dome. I’ve never been to this event before, and I probably wouldn’t have gone this year either, except John and Sherry Petersik from Young House Love were making a stop to promote their book!

I have been a devoted reader of the YHL blog for, oh, like 4 years now – I first stumbled upon their site in 2009 when I was searching for DIY Backyard Wedding inspiration. Sherry and John have a great recap of their homemade wedding, and it also lead me to their daily blog posts. I’ve been hooked ever since!
Their open, honest approach to blogging about their home improvement journeys, as well as their goofy humor and real-people personalities had me from the get-go.

And guess what? They’re just as fun, adorable, and hilarious in person!

John & Sherry Petersik at the Tacoma Home & Garden Show

John & Sherry Petersik at the Tacoma Home & Garden Show

When I found out they were writing a book, I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon right away. Not only was I confident I’d love it, but I also wanted to show my support for these young’uns who entertain me every single weekday for free through their blog.
And when I found out they’d be making a book-tour stop close enough to attend, I was way too excited (M will vouch for this).

So my mom was a great sport, and she came along with me. It was really nice to spend a good few hours with her, and there were plenty of home & garden inspiration for her new business project (I’ll have to expand on that sometime soon here!).

Sherry and John gave a fun and concise presentation for a good-sized crowd, and then we all waited in line to get our books signed. πŸ™‚

Now, because I am a huge nerd, I wanted to give them some kind of gift, to say “thank you” for sharing themselves the way they do. It’s totally corny, but because of their blog, they feel like friends, even though we’ve never really met. So, I made them a little ceramic plate, very similar to this guy in my Etsy shop. Except the woodgrain plate I made for John & Sherry has a heart in the middle with “yhl” carved out. Somehow I totally forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it to them – of course.

When I got to the front of the line, and presented my little gift, it was a little intimidating (yes, I’m a nerd!) but Sherry was so enthusiastic and so genuine when she saw it!

Sherry's mind - BLOWN

Sherry’s mind – BLOWN

She was like “Oh my god! You made this!? That looks just like our LOGO!”
And I laughed and said, “Yeah, that was the idea!”

Meeting Sherry & John at the Tacoma Dome

Meeting Sherry & John at the Tacoma Dome

My mom was so great and snapped all these photos while I talked to them – Thanks, Mom!
So then Sherry insisted that I sign the back of the plate and she handed me her red sharpie, so heck, I couldn’t refuse! I signed the plate while Sherry signed my book!

everyone sign something!

everyone, sign something!

And then we got a little group photo πŸ™‚

Young House Love book signing - BFFs! lol

Young House Love book signing – BFFs! lol

Anyways! So much fun. I love those guys! In a totally non-creepy kind of way, I swear.

Now my book is signed!

"Thanks for the love"

“Thanks for the love!”

Thank YOU, Sherry & John. πŸ™‚

Young House Love by Sherry & John Petersik

Young House Love by Sherry & John Petersik


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Wash, Tashi, and the Tardis Urn

So, I was debating whether I wanted to write a blog post on this topic. On one hand, it seems (to me) like such a private and sensitive thing, and also I don’t want to appear to be using this very cool experience as way to get publicity. Yet on the other hand, I am so incredibly proud, humbled, and grateful to have been a part of this, that sharing about it won out. And if I can’t share these kinds of things on my own blog, why should I even have one, right?

A little over a month ago, a post showed up on which told the story of a young man Wash and his wife Tashi, who have been battling brain cancer that he’d been diagnosed with over two years ago. It’s a tear-jerker of a story and you should totally click over and read it.
Tashi reached out to the Regretsy community (which is a powerful mofo, lemme tell you), in search of an urn for Wash’s eventual cremains. Specifically, an urn in the shape of the Doctor Who TARDIS. A dying man’s wish.

My first reaction to the request was, wow, this is right up my alley. In fact, I had made, just a few months prior, a Tardis Urn for another family. But my next thought was, of course, No, I’m sure with Regretsy on the case, they’ll get someone amazing to do this in like 2 seconds. (I have issues with judging my self worth and that of my work, in case you were wondering. )
It’s funny, the little things..but within the day, I got a message through Etsy from a person I didn’t even know, asking if I’d seen the Regretsy post, and encouraging me to offer my work. I was blown away. That was all the prompting I needed, and I sat down and wrote an email including pictures and specs to April Winchell aka Helen Killer at Regretsy.

Within a few hours, I got a reply from April, and then another reply:

Well, needless to say, I was thrilled to be corresponding with April, ‘cuz she’s, like, a celebrity. An internet demigod. I thought it was pretty cool. Especially seeing that she thought my work merited 4 exclamation points. *squeee*

After that, three weeks went by, and I didn’t hear anything else. I was a little disappointed, because that certainly meant that they chose someone else to make the urn, which wasn’t too surprising, being that the whole of the Internet seemed to have come out to support Wash and Tashi.
But then! On April 5th, I got a short email from April asking if I was still interested, plus a forwarded email from Tashi, in which said: … ‘When Wash saw Rebekka’s email though and her work he was just captivated. “That’s it! That one!”‘
Of course, I immediately replied YES. And I got to work on it that very day.
Two days later Regretsy posted an update on the urn search, which mentioned me.
Again – coolest. thing. EVER. My name on a blog, that I myself read??? Awesome.

I corresponded with Tashi, who is just about the sweetest gal out there. And her blog, Learning to Hope…jeez…your heart just goes out to them.

I was able to get the urn finished in just about 2 weeks (it would have been less time, but Seattle Pottery Supply is still being lame about keeping my glaze in stock…so frustrating. But the folks at The Potter’s Shack in Portland are awesome, FYI).
I really think it’s the best Tardis I’ve made to date.

Wash requested some special custom details, which I did my very best to apply.

A small chemical equation (oxygen –> gold), a reference to Watchmen. And written inside the lid, the words As you wish.

The urn arrived to Wash and Tashi’s place yesterday and they’ve blogged about receiving it. And I think this picture right here is the one that just hits home for me:

Wash with his Tardis

So, thank you Wash and Tashi, for letting me be a part of this. You are amazing.


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Our wedding on Offbeat Bride!

I couldn’t be more excited to discover that M and my summer wedding from last July is featured on Offbeat Bride! And I couldn’t be happier for Sheila Addleman (our AMAZING photographer), letting her photos shine!

This is the only wedding-blog feature that I know of that our wedding has been in, so I’m crazy excited! Especially when it’s a blog I most definitely visited when I was planning our wedding! Since, of course, both M and I knew we weren’t going to do a traditional-type wedding.

So head over and check it out!!!! (And can I say, I just love that they called it Bekka & Matt’s ΓΌber DIY wedding! yessssssss) ^_^

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A Myriad of Mushrooms

What? Another post about mushrooms? Well, a week ago, Design*Sponge featured an article about mushrooms, wild mushroom gathering, and a super cute mushroom-focused centerpiece project!

I was so inspired!

via Design*Sponge

via Design*Sponge

via Design*Sponge

That last photo there had me especially enamored! I love the silky purity of the white mushrooms, and the way they grow clustered together like that!

So that very afternoon I went into the studio and did some experimenting with mushroom shapes, and here’s one of the results:

Cluster of Mushrooms from Jadeflower

What do you think?? I am very pleased with the way they turned out πŸ™‚ Very fun and so simple, but they just make me smile! I think I’ll be making more, and of course, they’ll be posted in my Shop.

I don’t know why I have such a thing for mushrooms! Oh well! Happy Friday!

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Mushrooms in action

Sorry for the lack of posting! It’s been a strange mixture of being really busy yet nothing very interesting happening.

But this little bit was just too fun for me not to share!
My biggest seller in my shop are my Three Dainty Mushrooms – they have a simplicity to them that I think people like…

Three Dainty Mushrooms by Jadeflower

But it is very rare, with anything I sell on Etsy, that I get to see how my little product is used or enjoyed. But I just got an email from Elisa, whose blog McLaughlin Designs shows me just that! The photos on her site are beautiful, and she took this little shot of her new succulent terrarium with a trio of dainty mushrooms! (I was so excited!)

photo from McLaughlin Designs

Isn’t that sweet? (See her full blog post here)

Elisa also has a gorgeous Etsy shop where she sells original knitting patterns, so if you are a knitter, check it out!

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