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My newfound love for Carl Sagan

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been avidly devouring any bit I can get my hands on regarding Carl Sagan. I really had no knowledge of this brilliant mind when I was growing up, which I regard now as a great tragedy. But I’m making up for lost time now – I’ve already plowed through two of his books, and am currently reading a third.


selections by carl sagan

Half-Price Books is a fantastic resource – I picked up a full-color hard cover copy of Cosmos for $7.50, and a paperback copy of Contact for $2.00. The first book I nabbed was from the library – Billions & Billions – which was SUCH a good book and I recommend everyone read it. You don’t even have to be that interested in science. Sagan is such an effective communicator, he has the ability to make immensely complicated subjects interesting and personal. His logic is so compelling, and his heart is clearly as large as his mind.



Plus, how can you not love pictures like these? Awesome.

It makes me wonder where I would be now if I had pursued Chemistry and Physics in college instead of Art & Design. I guess there’s no way to know. But I am very happy to have been introduced to Carl Sagan’s work, albeit over a decade since his death (the last chapter of Billions & Billions is his account of battling his illness; yep, totally made me cry).

This has been around on the Interwebz for a little while now, but I’d still like to share it. If you have any interest in science and philosophy (and music!), it’s surely worth the watch:

You can see the video creator’s site at The Symphony of Science, where his goal is to deliver scientific and philosophical content via music. Quite inpsiring, in my opinion.

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