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Tile Floor Update

It was a very physically demanding weekend (and we’re only about half way done with this project)! The floor is going in nicely, and it will look fantastic when it’s complete. Such a step up from the painted concrete that has been in there since the folks decided to rip out the brown shag 6 or 7 years ago.

The floor downstairs needs to be a hard surface (aka, not carpet) because of the tendency for flooding. And, fittingly, we actually had a bit of a flood after the 2nd day of laying tile; the washing machine had a drainage backup and went right out into the living room! We were flying around for a minute there, trying to sop it all up with towels before it did major damage to the drying thinset. I think we managed it in time. 🙂

So here are some in-progress pics for you to enjoy! We still have a way to go; this coming weekend will be phase II.

downstairs livingroom ready for tile!

This is a BIG room – 685 square feet! So we are using really big tiles – they are 24″x24″, and heavy. The painted concrete has served its purpose, but now it’s time to class up the joint.

mixing thinset in the wheelbarrow

Because we are tiling such a large area, we needed a lot of thinset, usually 100 lbs at a time. Mixing it in the wheelbarrow gave us mobility, and it was much easier to mix – as opposed to the bucket we used when tiling this room (such a pain!)

first quadrant

Each quadrant of the room essentially took a whole day to do. It was slow going, despite the fact we were working non-stop, and there were at least 3 of us on the job each day.

second quadrant

After the second full day of tiling – we finished the second quadrant. Notice that we haven’t tiled up to the room edges; this is due to needing cut tiles. We decided to keep all the cuts to the end of the project, when we’ll rent a heavy-duty tile saw and do the cuts all in one day.

third quadrant

Here’s Dad surveying our progress after day-three of tiling. Looking pretty good! Next weekend we’ll finish that last quadrant, tile into the hallway (out of shot, to the right), and install all the cut pieces around the perimeter. Oh, and of course we’ll also have to grout and seal (that may need to be a third weekend in itself!).

Phew! It’s hard work and slow progress, but it’ll be so worth it when it’s all done. (Yes, that was our mantra all weekend) 🙂



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New Tile Floor – a weekend project

What a weekend! It was very productive, to be sure, but man am I tired! Mainly I can’t believe how sore my knees and quads are from all the kneeling I had to do to put down this new tile floor. But the result is so great, it’s worth it. Here’s a little picture recap of the work my mom and I did in just over one day.

First off, we cleared out the room, here’s a shot just before the bed and area rug came out.
P1010849Don’t you just love that wallpaper mural?? ^_^

And here’s the room, all emptied and ready to go! We made sure to wash the concrete really well to get up any grime or residue that could compromise the adherence of the thin-set.
P1010852(Yes, this is the floor when it’s clean – you can see why it needed to be refinished)

Next, we measured the room into quadrants by finding the center of each wall and stringing two guidelines that bisected the middle. From there we measured out how much of a cut we would need around the perimeter of the room. With our portable wet tile saw, we cut out the edging pieces so we’d be all ready to lay them out with the rest of the full-sized tiles.
Then, with the lines as our guides, we started in the far quadrant, using 1/8″ spacers between the tiles.
And here we are further along:
And, finished!
We still need to grout the floor – but that will have to wait for another day…I just may have to miss that party.
But once the grout is in, and the base molding is installed (a white painted wood trim), this room is going to feel brand new! No more icky concrete! That’ll be a nice improvement.

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