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Vine time

So I know I haven’t been posting much this month! We’ve had so much to do with the moving, and me trying to get my studio in some kind of workable order!

But here and there we are slowly starting to do some work on this new rental house of ours (which, I know is kind of a waste since we don’t own the place, but heck, we’re still going to be living here for quite a while, so we want it to be awesome).

tangled mess of a vine arbor

One of the first things on my list was this terrible mess of some kind of vine outside our front door. I can’t tell you how itching my hands were to get some clippers to that thing. M pointed out that at the right angle, and if you squint, it looks like a guitarist from an 80’s hair-band. Nice.

So when I got a spare moment over a couple of days, I went to town, created piles of dead vines, and ended up with this:

trimmed vine

Talk about a hair cut! It almost looks sad, all naked. But we can finally see some of the new growth coming in, which was all but invisible before.

climing vine, new growth

So I’m pleased at this point, and am eagerly awaiting more new leaves (and hopefully flowers?) to show up for summer. Before I trimmed it, I thought this vine may have been a clematis (which I love!) but when my mom came over, she thought it was honeysuckle, which would also be very cool! Especially when I found this neat cupcake recipe on one of my favorite pretty cooking blogs, Tartlette. Ha, though we’ll see if I’m that ambitious when the time comes 🙂

More house and studio updates to come!


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