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Sad tulips and New Beginnings

Of all the tulips that we planted way back when, only three have come back for me this year 😦

three lonly tulips

We had a bit of a snafu, I suppose, in getting them to come back this year, when our good-intentioned neighbors tried to help us out while M and I were on our honeymoon last summer – we asked them to water our outdoor potted plants, and in an impulse of helping my tomatoes do better, they repotted them in a few “empty” pots, which in fact had our dormant tulip bulbs in them. I must have done something wrong when I tried to re-plant them, because while they all grew leaves this spring, only three produced flowers. *Tear*

Oh well!
That’s alright, because I’ve got bigger news. By the end of this month, M and I will be moved into a new place! I have to admit I am a little sad to leave our apartment (though we’re both excited to get out of the U-District). Our new place has so much potential, it is very exciting to us!

We’re still not a a place where we can buy a house, but we’re renting a proper house, not an apartment, which I suppose is a step in the right direction. And while it’s a little farther out than we wanted, it is in a very quite neighborhood, claims it is still technically in Seattle, and the house has all (or nearly all) the requirements we wanted.

our new house!

The two main requirements we were looking for were: get away from rowdy, destructive college kids, and have a bigger space for my ceramics studio.
This place definitely has both!

It has a two car garage that is plenty big enough for M’s car and all his car parts, tools, etc. And I get the rest of the garage to transform into a real working ceramics studio!

side view

side view

It will be such an awesome change of pace to have enough room to move around, to store stuff, and to inspire me! I don’t show many glimpses of my current basement studio on my blog here, because, well, it’s very much like a dungeon and not very inspirational, haha. But that will all change soon!

And you can see in the few pics that there is a lot of green space! I’m so excited to have a real yard to plant things – I’ve been an apartment-patio gardener for so many years, this will be so liberating!
So yes, my tulips didn’t really arrive this year…but next year, look out! 🙂


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Pretty Tulips

Happy April 1st! Nope, no April Fools jokes for me today. But I do want to share some pics of my pretty pretty tulips that have finally bloomed!

These purple and white tulips are just gorgeous.

The yellow tulips were the first to bloom 🙂

I still have some fiery orange ones and cool minty green ones on the way.

There’s nothing quite like being able to step out your door and pick beautiful fresh flowers. This is my kind of instant gratification ^_^


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Bountiful Flowers

It was a flower-filled weekend, and now I have a flower-filled apartment! *Sigh* I love the effect fresh flowers can have on a room (I just wish they weren’t so expensive! They really are a luxury).

colorful birthday flowers

This cheerful gift (thanks, Doury!!) gave me two other arrangements I spread around the living room:

baby's breath and eucalyptus


orange gerbers with sparrow

These sweet little orange gerber daisies are brightening up my computer area 🙂
And the wire sculpture was another birthday present – from my artist friend; definitely check out his other stuff on his Etsy site jakobi! So cool ^_^

springtime tulips!

Our darling friends from Bellingham brought these gorgeous tulips (I love tulips!).

And my dear friend Natalie gave me the cutest little daffodils. They hadn’t bloomed yet when she gave them to me, but two days later, look how happy they are!

mini daffodils

I will be so spoiled with all these pretty flowers around! When it’s your birthday, I guess you get to be spoiled a little, heehee 🙂


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Spring in the air?

Despite the bitter cold stretch that we had back in December (see this post), today is positively balmy! It’s almost 60 degrees, for crying out loud. And do I detect a slight springy aroma wafting on the breezes? It smells like flowers, I swear. Daffodils, maybe.

I was thinking I just had springtime hopes on my mind, but when I checked on the tulips I planted in November, this is what I found…

tulip sprouts!!

These guys are totally jumping the gun. It’s still only January! Don’t they know that?

I planted my bulbs in large planter pots, so they are above ground, and therefore, due to the warmish weather must think it’s time to grow. That’s fine by me, I just hope we don’t have some freak cold front rush in and kill my little babies.

But I am really excited to have pots and pots of brightly colored tulips this spring! Last year M & I took a day trip north to La Conner and the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival (dorky I know), but the tulips were so pretty! I couldn’t help myself ordering a whole box of bulbs of the varieties we liked the best.

Roozengaarde tulip farm was where we went and who we ordered from. And it was so convenient – I ordered them in the spring; forgot about it; then in November I get my box of bulbs all ready to be planted just then in order to bloom in the spring! Easy!

I just hope that this growing early thing doesn’t hurt them. I’ll be sure to post more pictures when they start to bloom. 🙂

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