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A sampling of custom ceramic works

Oh my gosh, it’s been a really long time since I’ve written anything here! I think about it often, but never seem to find the time to put my thoughts and ideas down in a blog post!

That’s life with a 2-year-old, I guess.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about some of the great custom pieces I’ve made in the last couple years that don’t get seen by anyone but the customer. I thought it would be cool to post some pictures of them here. Interestingly, a lot of very special, unique pieces have been cremation urns.


Coffee Can urn, a la The Big Lebowski

A lot of intricate glaze-work went into this Folgers Coffee Can Urn. Someone was a fan of the Big Lebowski

This Minions piece was very special – an urn for a very young person who loved the Despicable Me movies. It was a labor-intensive piece to  build, but I think it turned out wonderfully. I hope it brought the family a little peace.

But by far, the personalized urns I make the most are Tardis urns. Adding names and dates and other special details makes each Tardis unique.


Large Tardis Urn


Tardis Urn with added Ivy filigree

You can find these Tardis Jars here on my Etsy site: Made-To-Order Large Tardis Jar

Being able to make special, custom and personalized pieces for people is one of the joys of doing what I do. I hope you enjoyed seeing these!



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A leaf on the wind

Back in April I told you about a very special commission I completed for an amazing couple going though a very hard time.
I just found out that Wash passed away earlier this week. It’s been an emotional morning.

source: regretsy.com

I didn’t know Tashi and her husband Wash personally, but I followed along on Tashi’s blog during all the trials, tribulations, and small joys over the course of this last period of their life together. Though it was clear that Wash wasn’t long for this world, it is still a shock to hear that he has finally moved on. It’s been a heartbreaking story and I wish Tashi all the best as she starts to rebuild her life.

There is much to be said for the kindness of strangers – if you want to help Tashi, there is a support page, and every little bit helps.

Thanks for letting me share ❤

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