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Artwalk TONIGHT!

Tonight is the first Thursday of the month – and most Seattlites know that First Thursdays are the time to go out and see some art…for FREE. Many (if not most) museums in the area open their doors to the public for no charge, and it’s also the time when local galleries and artists’ studios are open to the art-curious.

Pioneer Square is the hot spot for the First Thursday crowd. The area is loaded with galleries and private studio spaces, and the open-air plaza is filled with vendors, artists, crafters, and on-lookers.

This month, I’ll be showing MY ceramic sculpture at a location right in the thick of it – at the Statements Distinctive Tile & Stone Showroom. This is a beautiful space, and I’ll be sharing it with 3 other artists, who really just want to get together for a good time, have people see our art, and have a little wine!
So if YOU are in the area tonight, you should come check out the artwalk! The Statements venue will be open around 4:30 PM for the art-crowd, but many places are open for walk-throughs as early as 1:00 PM (and generally goes until 8 or 9 o’clock).

I’ll be at 314 Occidental Ave South so come on by!

Check out my Portfolio page for a preview of some of the works I’ll be showing tonight!



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Happy Halloween Weekend!

I have no idea where the month of October went – it is unbelievable that Halloween is tomorrow.


fireplace arrangement

In the spirit of things, I’m sharing a little photo shoot of our fireplace. M painted this wonderful vampire portrait (I’m not entirely sure if it’s Dracula or not, but he’s definitely spooky). My contribution to the scene is 3 of my Etsy shop sculptures – the “Dusk” vase, the “Spiky Red Orb“, and the “Sherbet Swirl” (it’s fun to see how easily they lend themselves to the Halloween vibe).

Not to be left out – our brass candleholders with spooky red-dripped wax. And as a more autumnal touch, I collected heaps of chestnuts from the neighborhood and arranged them in two adorable green dessert bowls from Anthropologie.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

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