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Reflecting on July

This month I had another small re-vamp project that was on the list for ages. I seem to have a penchant for mirrors with decorative frames, especially if they are oval. So when I found this large ornate brass-colored mirror frame at Goodwill (for $5!!), there was no way I wasn’t taking this baby home with me.

brass-colored mirror frame

Yes, it also had a mirror, it’s just not pictured here….because – wait for it – I decided to paint the frame! I’m sure you saw that coming. 🙂
The moment I saw it, I knew this frame would look so great in a solid color, to update the look, give it a more modern vibe. It is plastic (not metal), and the brass finish was a bit too grandma’s-house for my current decor tastes. So I settled on a glossy white (mainly due to the fact that M had purchased a can of spray paint in this color recently and there was nearly a whole can of it left over, score!).

So after many many thin coats of paint later:

mirror frame refinished in white

I love how it almost looks like a plaster, with just a hint of gloss.
You may notice in the reflection…yep, those are garage doors. I’m hanging this guy in the garage, in my studio to be exact. 🙂

the jadeflower ceramics studio

My studio space is still ever-evolving in the decor arena; for the most part it is strictly functional. But here and there, I am trying to add little touches to make it a pleasant place to spend my hours. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may recognize some past projects like this and this.

Our garage is a quirky place. Did you notice it looks like outdoor siding on that wall above? Well, M and I have a (strong) hunch that the garage was added much later to the house. Exhibit A: outdoor siding. Exhibit B: that rectangle the mirror is hanging in front of is actually a window that the landlord covered up with a big sheet of foam insulation (and which I then covered up with some striped vintage wallpaper because it was ugly!). Oh funny old houses 😉

In unrelated news, we had a busy July. One highlight was a housewarming party M & I hosted, now that we are pretty much settled into our new abode. We celebrated with tacos, fun drinks, and lawn games (with thankfully cooperative weather!). At the end of the evening we lit sparklers saved from the 4th of July! ^_^ Everybody loves sparklers, right?


The party was also to celebrate M and my first anniversary. Awwww 🙂 It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since this fantastic day. My mom and dad brought us a vase of hydrangeas cut from all the plants that were bought the year before; she says that they’ll always have a reminder of our wedding with all the pretty blues/greens/whites of the hydrangeas that now decorate their property.


A very fun and event-filled month! And August should be just as busy! Until next time 🙂

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Mirror, mirror…

I am a self-professed Goodwill (or any thrift/antique store, garage sale) junkie. M will often roll his eyes at me when we pass one, and I say, “Can we look for just a minute!”

I can’t help it, I love old & used stuff.

old metal filigree mirror

So in my last visit to my favorite Seattle Goodwill, as I was scouting for other things on my list, I found this old, heavy, dusty, flaking, gold-colored metal mirror. I am a sucker for fancy filigree, so long as it isn’t cheap or flimsy or fake. This little mirror was darling! and only $1.99 – score!!

So I’ve seen lots of tutorials and before/after shots of SO many household items that have been given a second life with a new coat of spray paint. Until now, I had resisted the temptation to cover every piece of interesting junk I could find with bright colors. But here, I succumbed.

mirror frame, first coat

I loved the weightiness of this mirror, but I didn’t love the worn, flaky gold color. I decided to paint it a teal blue/green to match our livingroom area rug and throw pillows. I asked what M thought when I showed him my bargain treasure find, and he said – Awesome idea. 🙂 That teal is one of M’s favorite colors.

We found a good color match at our local Fred Meyer hardware department – a Rustoleum hue called Lagoon, smooth-satin finish.

Rust-oleum Lagoon

It took me about 10 light coats of paint over 3 days to get the amount of coverage I liked. This stuff was very easy to work with, and it dried really quickly, so I did 3-4 coats each day. It was tricky getting into all the nooks and crannies of this mirror! But in the end:

refinished mirror, detail


refinished mirror, Lagoon blue

It looks fantastic! It’s tough to get the color just right in the pictures here – it looks more greenish in real life. And it goes perfectly with our pops of teal in the living room. Now I just have to figure out where to put it… 🙂

gotta love bright pops of color

So I still have a whole can of beautiful teal spray paint…Now, what else can I refinish? 🙂


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