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2017 Holiday Market in Kenmore!

How is it already the end of October!? I swear it was just summer! But time marches relentlessly on, and I’m deep into prepping for the holiday rush.
This year I will be a vendor at the Kenmore Holiday Market and Tree Lighting event! I participated last year, which was the first time they included a craft market to the festivities. And I know this year will be even better!


Jadeflower Ceramics at the 2016 Kenmore Holiday Market

It was so much fun designing my booth space last year. I rarely sell my ceramics in person – I’m almost exclusively an on-line seller. So getting to interact with customers face-to-face was a refreshing change! It was also so. much. work! This year, I’m planning on streamlining many of the aspects of the event that were just too strenuous or time-consuming.


Holiday goodies like sparkly gold luster ornaments!

I’ll also focus more critically on the items I bring – there were plenty of fancy big-ticket items I lugged with me last year that did not sell. I loved seeing them displayed, but the payoff wasn’t there when considering how much time and energy I had to spend carefully packing, unpacking, and then packing them up again at the end of the show!


Mugs, Steins, and other goodies from the 2016 Kenmore Market

This year I’ll focus more on what I think holiday shoppers will want to take home with them – smaller items, tree ornaments, sparkly things! Small useful buys like ring dishes and spoon rests. These are all things that I don’t focus on in my Etsy shop, but it is really fun to shift my work to items like these for a bit out of the year!

IMG_3396 smaller

Kenmore WA Town Square and Hangar

Another fun detail for this year’s event will be the new Town Square! The holiday market will be located in the new Hangar building, which I think is very exciting. The Square wasn’t quite finished last year, so the market was hosted in the City Hall. We’ll see how the new space adds to the festivities!

For you locals in the area, I hope you’ll put the Kenmore Holiday Market on your calendar!

Kenmore Holiday Market and Tree Lighting
Saturday December 2, 2017
4:00-7:00 PM
@ Kenmore City Hall & Town Square
6728 NE 181st St, Kenmore, WA 98028


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Steven Universe Love

It’s a funny thing, I probably watch fewer cartoons now that I’m an “adult” but I bet it’s not by much! There are so many great animated shows these days, and I’m not ashamed to say I love ’em.

One of my favorite current shows is Steven Universe. It is too adorable! And like my other fave showย Adventure Time, even though the episodes are only 11 minutes long, they pack so much into them! Each episode is like a rich tapestry ๐Ÿ˜‰

And no show can be any good without great characters, which Steven Universe has in abundance. Which brings me to the point of this blog post – I decided to start a ceramic mug series to pay homage!

So here are the ones I’ve made so far (and all are currently up in my Etsy Shop)

Steven and Mug

Steven Universe Ceramic Mug

Obviously I needed to make a mug of the title character. Goofy li’l Steven!

Rose Quartz and Mug

Rose Quartz Mug

Steven’s mother, Roze Quartz. I love everything about her character design.

Pearl and Mug

Pearl Mug

What can I say about Pearl? Well, when I made her mug, I focused on her upright nature, a little no-nonsense. But with a fancy handle – both for her spear and because, as we know, Pearl is a fancy pearl.

Garnet and Mug

Garnet Mug

Garnet’s mug was the most challenging. She has a lot going on. This mug can be enjoyed from many angles, this one highlights her start costume motif.

Amethyst and Mug

Amethyst Mug

And lastly, good ol’ Amethyst. Short and curvy, and very purple. She’s got it where it counts.

And because I couldn’t resist,ย another Steven Universe inspired item: A Cookie Cat trinket box. ^_^


Cookie Cat Ceramic Box

Can’t wait for more episodes later this July! Till then, I guess I’ll have to do some rewatching, and make new mugs ๐Ÿ™‚ How about Ruby, Sapphire, Peridot and Lapis?

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A sampling of custom ceramic works

Oh my gosh, it’s been a really long time since I’ve written anything here! I think about it often, but never seem to find the time to put my thoughts and ideas down in a blog post!

That’s life with a 2-year-old, I guess.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about some of the great custom pieces I’ve made in the last couple years that don’t get seen by anyone but the customer. I thought it would be cool to post some pictures of them here. Interestingly, a lot of very special, unique pieces have been cremation urns.


Coffee Can urn, a la The Big Lebowski

A lot of intricate glaze-work went into this Folgers Coffee Can Urn. Someone was a fan of the Big Lebowski

This Minions piece was very special – an urn for a very young person who loved the Despicable Me movies. It was a labor-intensive piece to ย build, but I think it turned out wonderfully. I hope it brought the family a little peace.

But by far, the personalized urns I make the most are Tardis urns. Adding names and dates and other special details makes each Tardis unique.


Large Tardis Urn


Tardis Urn with added Ivy filigree

You can find these Tardis Jars here on my Etsy site: Made-To-Order Large Tardis Jar

Being able to make special, custom and personalized pieces for people is one of the joys of doing what I do. I hope you enjoyed seeing these!


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Tea anyone?

I was contacted recently about making a Tardis Teapot.
I thought, what a wonderful idea! And immediately got to work. Here is what I produced…

tardis teapot by jadeflower

I couldn’t be more excited about the result! It takes the same design as my Tardis coin bank, but clearly with alterations ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Tardis Teapot will be available in my Etsy shop shortly, as a Made-To-Order item. But for now I will leave you with a little demonstration of the pouring power of this teapot (i.e. a 14 second video). Allons-y!



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a new spike

I have a new sculpture posted in my Shop that I totally procrastinated on photographing. We had a smidgen of sunshine this morning, so I thought, “it’s now or never!” and broke out the trusty tripod.

I started making spike-covered sculptures back in college. I discovered the habit in my second ceramics class, as I covered a little pinch-pot with spikes on a whim, and just about all of my classmates flipped out over it. I thought to myself, “I think I’m on to something here…”

I’ve been making spiky sculptures ever since. As you can imagine, I’ve become very proficient at making cones; I’m a veritable cone-making machine when I’m working on one of these. It’s a necessity, really, when even a medium-sized sculpture like this one will take probably over 20 hours to cover with spikes (and that’s just a guesstimate, I’ve never timed myself).

I had taken a bit of a break from making sculptures for a little while (especially after my last spiky piece actually cracked in the kiln and I was a bit heart-broken). I’ve been so busy with my regular (i.e. sell-able) inventory and custom orders, that making a time consuming spiky sculpture seemed indulgent, if not simply a waste of my precious time! But it was actually something I discovered I needed to do, as I was doing it. And I couldn’t be more pleased with the way it turned out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even the glazing didn’t disappoint me (which happens more often than I care to admit)!

So here’s to not always letting craft trump art! And also, to finding the time to nurture both ๐Ÿ™‚

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Tea and Grahams

It feels like the weekend went by slowly and way too fast at the same time! I did manage to get lots done, and even baked this recipe from smitten kitchen – one that I’ve been dying to try for a while now!

Homemade Graham Crackers!

A little quiet moment, with a cup of hot tea and a mildly sweet, wonderfully crunchy graham on a rainy afternoon? Priceless.

Plus, I got in a little photo shoot for that cute little lacy plate you see in the picture!
Do you like it? You can find more in my Shop! ๐Ÿ™‚

But anyways, those graham crackers are so great! I insist that you go make some as soon as you can. They are great for snacking when you don’t want something too big or too sweet (and I think if I make them again, I will cut back on the sugar even more)

So happy Monday everyone. Oh, yes, and Happy Valentine’s day as well โค

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Newest additions to the shop!

I’ve had a whole slew of new items added to my Etsy Shop recently that I’m really excited about. It’s always fun to be making new things, and here is a bit of what’s what. ๐Ÿ™‚

A series of wheel-thrown bowls with original illustrations – fruits and vegetables…

Pomegranate Bowl

Pomegranate Bowl

Pomegranate bowl...with pomegranate


Radish Bowl

Radish Bowl, side view


Bean Bowl

Bean Bowl


Fig Bowl

Figs, detail


Olive Branch Bowl

Olive Bowl


And then my newest addition to the Faux Bois collection…a tray set with two square containers. The idea behind this set was small spaces, like city apartments, that could use some self-contained mini indoor gardens!


Faux Bois Tray and Planters Set

The set would not necessarily have to be used for plants, however. There’s a whole myriad of other uses for such a cute trio!

Tray and Two Square Pots


The last addition of the day is reminiscent of the tea light holders I made en masse for my wedding (check that out here). I’ve refined the technique, and I think this little cup is so darling!

Blue Lace & Flowers, a dainty wrapped cup

A perfect desk companion

and beautiful with a tea light candle

I hope you’ll check out some of the newest things over at Jadeflower Ceramics! I’ve been having fun ๐Ÿ™‚

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