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Propagating Succulents

A year ago I introduced you to Clement, my jade plant. Yup, he’s still thriving and takes up the big space in front of our living room window!

He does get so over-zealous with his new growth sometimes, though. Not that I don’t love that he’s getting bigger and fuller – I want him to grow as huge as possible! But it can be a strain on his branches if his growth goes unchecked. There was a time when he was growing faster than his trunk and branches could support – his big fleshy leaves got so heavy and numerous, his branches started to sag, and a couple of times  he even fell over completely! (Not a fun thing to come home to, I assure you.)

So I have gotten in the habit of pruning Clement every so often. I find that this ensures he doesn’t get too big for his britches. Also, any small branch that I prune generally stimulates two new branches to grow, thus making his new growth fuller, instead of long and spindly.

But of course, I end up with all these beautiful jade cuttings, and I hate to just toss them. So here’s what I do…

I collect little ceramic pots at the local Goodwill (no more than $1 each).

I make sure that the jade (and other succulent) cuttings have healed over at the cut  – this only takes a day or so. And then, with fresh dirt, I plant them in the pots.

Succulents are really hardy little plants – they are survivors. And that makes them so easy to propagate. After a few weeks, these little guys will be pretty established in their new homes, with little roots growing from the stems planted in the dirt. Just amazing.

I plan to give most of these away as gifts, because I am of the mind that everyone should love jades! 😛
But I am also working on an new idea for my Etsy shop – making small ceramic pots and propagating jade plants for them. I mean, my shop is called Jadeflower. It makes sense that I should sell some jades! We’ll see how this idea pans out.

Until then, happy propagating!



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Meet Clement

I’d like to introduce you to Clement – my beloved jade plant. I enjoy all kinds of plants, but there is something special about jades – they are just so easy to love! Those big fleshy leaves, bright green color, so easy to care for. They just seem cheerful!

Starting my final year of college back in ’03 I became fixated on the idea of having a jade in my dorm room. I assumed this would be no problem to do, since back home you could find these little guys in any grocery store with a plant section. However, attending a school in northern Indiana, I found out that they would not be so common. After treking around to general stores and every nursery in the area, I almost gave up hope. But at a last resort, I found my little jade through Ebay (of all places). A fellow in California mailed him out to me, wrapped in damp newspaper. Here’s Clement when I first got him.

[baby clement]

baby clement

I named him Clement, for my grandfather, who had passed away relatively recently. I hope you won’t think it disrespectful of me. It was a way for me to keep his memory close.


So it’s been several years now, and Clement is still with me, going strong (even after many moves, one being cross-country in a van filled with stuff!). And it’s been so fun watching him grow, and even propagating a few mini-Clements along the way. Here he is now in our living room window.


clement 2009

clement 2009

Isn’t he huge?? My hope is he’ll grow into a huge tree (they can get quite big, with huge trunks), and my best hope is I’ll get him to flower one day. Jades bloom so beautifully! Clusters of tiny star-shaped flowers that are so sweet. This is why I named my Etsy site Jadeflower – for the hope that the most precious and beautiful things are yet to come, but always hoped for.

jade flowers

jade flowers

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