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Propagating Succulents

A year ago I introduced you to Clement, my jade plant. Yup, he’s still thriving and takes up the big space in front of our living room window!

He does get so over-zealous with his new growth sometimes, though. Not that I don’t love that he’s getting bigger and fuller – I want him to grow as huge as possible! But it can be a strain on his branches if his growth goes unchecked. There was a time when he was growing faster than his trunk and branches could support – his big fleshy leaves got so heavy and numerous, his branches started to sag, and a couple of times  he even fell over completely! (Not a fun thing to come home to, I assure you.)

So I have gotten in the habit of pruning Clement every so often. I find that this ensures he doesn’t get too big for his britches. Also, any small branch that I prune generally stimulates two new branches to grow, thus making his new growth fuller, instead of long and spindly.

But of course, I end up with all these beautiful jade cuttings, and I hate to just toss them. So here’s what I do…

I collect little ceramic pots at the local Goodwill (no more than $1 each).

I make sure that the jade (and other succulent) cuttings have healed over at the cut  – this only takes a day or so. And then, with fresh dirt, I plant them in the pots.

Succulents are really hardy little plants – they are survivors. And that makes them so easy to propagate. After a few weeks, these little guys will be pretty established in their new homes, with little roots growing from the stems planted in the dirt. Just amazing.

I plan to give most of these away as gifts, because I am of the mind that everyone should love jades! 😛
But I am also working on an new idea for my Etsy shop – making small ceramic pots and propagating jade plants for them. I mean, my shop is called Jadeflower. It makes sense that I should sell some jades! We’ll see how this idea pans out.

Until then, happy propagating!



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