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Reviving the knitting needles

My old roommate (as well as a couple of old coworkers) taught me the basics of knitting a few years back. When I first learned, I jumped into knitting headfirst – although, I never got into anything more advanced than a hat. Scarves were a speciality. I never achieved any real level of expertise, however, and I haven’t really touched my knitting needles for two years.

But, it’s been getting cold here now – you can feel winter right around the corner – and for some reason, the urge to knit arose.

rainbow knitting

rainbow knitting

As you can see, I chose the most hideous yarn in my collection to start with. This rainbow blend was inherited from a friend’s mother’s stash when she found out I had started knitting way-back-when. Despite its awfulness – you have to admit it’s kind of awesome in a funny sort of way.

Anyways, my plan for this humble swatch is to make a pair of fingerless mittens. The pattern that inspired me actually called for knitting in the round, but I’m not equipped to do that. So, I figure, folding a long rectangle and sewing up the sides, with a hole for the thumb – same diff!

In any case, it’s been fun doing a little knitting again, and I’ll be sure to post the surely awesome results when my mittens are complete.


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