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Newest additions to the shop!

I’ve had a whole slew of new items added to my Etsy Shop recently that I’m really excited about. It’s always fun to be making new things, and here is a bit of what’s what. 🙂

A series of wheel-thrown bowls with original illustrations – fruits and vegetables…

Pomegranate Bowl

Pomegranate Bowl

Pomegranate bowl...with pomegranate


Radish Bowl

Radish Bowl, side view


Bean Bowl

Bean Bowl


Fig Bowl

Figs, detail


Olive Branch Bowl

Olive Bowl


And then my newest addition to the Faux Bois collection…a tray set with two square containers. The idea behind this set was small spaces, like city apartments, that could use some self-contained mini indoor gardens!


Faux Bois Tray and Planters Set

The set would not necessarily have to be used for plants, however. There’s a whole myriad of other uses for such a cute trio!

Tray and Two Square Pots


The last addition of the day is reminiscent of the tea light holders I made en masse for my wedding (check that out here). I’ve refined the technique, and I think this little cup is so darling!

Blue Lace & Flowers, a dainty wrapped cup

A perfect desk companion

and beautiful with a tea light candle

I hope you’ll check out some of the newest things over at Jadeflower Ceramics! I’ve been having fun 🙂

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