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Ceramic pendant necklaces

Newest addition to my shop – a whole collection of handmade ceramic pendant necklaces!


Way back in 2009 when I was first feeling out what my Jadeflower Etsy shop would offer, I made all sorts of items. Many things that I no longer make. Necklaces and pendants were some of those things. I quickly discovered that Etsy has a plethora of jewelry makers! Ceramic jewelry certainly was not to become my main focus.
But after many years, I’ve decided that if I want to make a few pretty wearables, then why not?

My goal in this collection is to make cute, unique wearable art, while remaining affordable. Even with shipping factored in, each necklace is less than $20.


I have a mix of stamped/glazed ceramic pendants and fused-glass ceramic pendants.


Some I finished with gold or silver plated chain. And for some, I chose a more bohemian black suede cord.



These are casual, daily-wear necklaces that don’t take themselves too seriously. 🙂


It was lots of fun to get my tools out and do some jewelry making again! Each necklace is finished with a lobster clasp closure, and a 2-inch extension chain, which makes them adjustable between 18″ and 20″


Click any of the images to see more of that particular piece. To see the whole series, click HERE


So if you’re looking for a sweet piece of wearable art, please check out my new necklace collection. Makes a great gift for yourself or someone special!


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A sampling of custom ceramic works

Oh my gosh, it’s been a really long time since I’ve written anything here! I think about it often, but never seem to find the time to put my thoughts and ideas down in a blog post!

That’s life with a 2-year-old, I guess.

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about some of the great custom pieces I’ve made in the last couple years that don’t get seen by anyone but the customer. I thought it would be cool to post some pictures of them here. Interestingly, a lot of very special, unique pieces have been cremation urns.


Coffee Can urn, a la The Big Lebowski

A lot of intricate glaze-work went into this Folgers Coffee Can Urn. Someone was a fan of the Big Lebowski

This Minions piece was very special – an urn for a very young person who loved the Despicable Me movies. It was a labor-intensive piece to  build, but I think it turned out wonderfully. I hope it brought the family a little peace.

But by far, the personalized urns I make the most are Tardis urns. Adding names and dates and other special details makes each Tardis unique.


Large Tardis Urn


Tardis Urn with added Ivy filigree

You can find these Tardis Jars here on my Etsy site: Made-To-Order Large Tardis Jar

Being able to make special, custom and personalized pieces for people is one of the joys of doing what I do. I hope you enjoyed seeing these!


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New Summer Pricing in my Etsy Shop!

Hey there! Hope the beginning of summer is treating you well!

I’ve been enjoying the Pacific Northwest’s excellent early summer – super long days, and weather in the 70s. Little Ethan is keeping me busy playing outside, but I’m also getting as much studio work done as possible. And to celebrate summer, I’m lowering my prices on a whole bunch of my items!

Summer pricing banner

This includes many of my Doctor Who Tardis pieces and my new Game of Thrones inspired mugs and steins!

GoT Stark SteinGoT Lannister mugGoT Targaryen Stein

I’ve also done some spring cleaning in my studio, and pulled out a few older items and put them WAY WAY on sale. Time to make some room for new items! So I hope you’ll click over to my shop (https://www.etsy.com/shop/jadeflower) to check out what’s new!

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Shop highlight – companion cube

I was thinking about posting about one of my items currently in my Etsy shop, to give it a bit of back-story. The piece in question is the Companion Cube Coin Bank:

the companion cube

It’s one of my favorite items on sale right now, but I suppose if you’re not into video games, the reference might be completely lost on a person! I know that for myself – if M wasn’t such a huge gamer I’m sure I would have no clue what a “companion cube” is, and why would I care? But as I am continually exposed to new (and old) games on a whole slew of different game consoles (xbox, ps2, ps3, dreamcast, NES, DSi, PSP…), I know more about video games and the gaming industry than I would every have thought possible.

But anyways, the companion cube…
In October 2007, a game called Portal was released for the Xbox, and of course M had his hands on it the day it came out. Normally I have a very passing interest in the games he plays, but Portal was different, because it was a puzzle game, and it had the most amazing (and captivating) physics engine I had ever seen. The game also had a vague but intriguing plot, and a laugh-out-loud yet subtle humor. I don’t play video games myself, but I could watch M play this game all day.

In many of the puzzles you need to use a weighted box to help you solve the level. Most of these “weighted companion cubes” are not special and don’t have the silly pink hearts on them, but in one level, you need to use ONE companion cube throughout the entire level, and this one does have the hearts and as funny as it sounds, you get kind of attached to the inanimate object.
And then at the end of the level you’re told you must incinerate your friend, the companion cube! The game is so well made and effectively executed that you actually feel bad for tossing this block into a hole full of fire.

So I’ve added my own homage to the companion cube in my shop. This one’s already been through a kiln of immense heat, and come out fine and dandy on the other side ^_^

Making it a coin bank gives it added functionality, instead of just being a charming art-object. The first model I made was for M, and now it lives on his desk at work.

The game sequel, Portal 2, is set to release in spring 2011 – and as uncharacteristic as it is for me, I can’t wait!


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an Etsy favorite

Have I mentioned I love Whichgoose on Etsy?? Emily, the mastermind behind this shop, makes the most amazing and whimsically beautiful hair accessories, and I want them all! And her pricing (if you ever comparison shop between the really talented hair fascinator sites) is so reasonable, I love it ^_^

This gorgeous piece would be a perfect bridal accessory and it’s ON SALE right now!!

If I didn’t already have my hair accessory already lined up (shame!!) I would snatch this up in a heartbeat. I’m sure it won’t stay un-sold for long.

Check out her stuff and tell me you don’t smile – I won’t believe you, haha.

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Teeny Mushrooms

After assembling my own little moss terrarium (made from a 69 cent bowl from Goodwill and moss from the backyard), I was inspired to make some super cute little accessories, and now I’ve put some of them in my Etsy shop!

I think these little guys are so adorable! The tall skinny ones are modeled after enoki mushrooms, which are so cute.

I had a lot of fun making them, and I hope to make more soon. We’ll see if they get any attention on Etsy – I know there are quite a few sellers who are already very established in Terrarium Accessories. But I haven’t seen any Enoki-styled mushrooms. Here’s us giving it a try 🙂

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Some new items in my Etsy shop

A few new listings in my Jadeflower Etsy shop; click the pictures below to see more!

Make a Wish Heart Pendant

green dandelion pendant

Ceramic Shamrock Pendant

I have a whole slew of ceramic pendants stock-piled in my studio, it’s just so time consuming to post them on my site! This month I plan to step it up a notch, and really put the effort in to posting more of my items on Etsy. After all, no one will see this stuff if I don’t put it out there, right?

And really, it’s completely up to me whether I make my shop a success or not. So, here’s to the goal of running a successful Etsy shop!

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