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Jadeflower at Fremont Sunday Market!!

One last reminder before the weekend!! Jadeflower Ceramics will be present this Sunday at the Fremont Market. So if you are in the Seattle Area, please stop by!! Sunday May 9th 10AM-5PM

That’s right! This will be a Spring Cleaning Sale for Jadeflower! I am cleaning out all my older stock and items that don’t appear in my shop. And the prices will be LOW!

$2 cups? I gotcha!
Buttons half-price? Got that too!
All sorts of single items that you won’t find anywhere else, because the are one-of-a-kind? You KNOW I got that 🙂

Please note: I won’t be bringing my large spiky pieces – this us just a sale for my smaller, more transport-friendly stock. However, if there is interest in any of my spiky guys, just let me know in the comments here, and I’ll see what I can do!

Cleaning out my studio and storage areas is the name of the game so that I have plenty of room for NEW pieces this spring and summer! Prices will be very attractive, you won’t have to pay shipping, and it should be a beautiful spring day. So if you’re in Seattle, there’s no reason not to come see me! Even if it’s just to say Hi 🙂

All the best, and Happy Friday!


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Lots of events coming up this weekend! I’m going to be one busy bee 🙂

First off, the Shoreline Holiday Crafts Market is on Saturday, and it’s sure to be a great time.

I can’t wait to see what other folks are selling, and of course, I hope people like what I have to offer! (Really, Kimi’s and my booth is going to be fantastic!) And there’s nothing like a craft fair to get you in the holiday spirit, plus they’ll have hourly door prizes. So please, if you’re in the Shoreline, north Seattle area, come check this out!

The other big event that I’m attending is the PHS Choir To Russia with Love concert at the Puyallup High School auditorium. As I mentioned in this post, the choir is travelling to Russia over spring break, and they need all the support they can get. The concert is guaranteed to be very entertaining, and you’ll be helping them in their travel goal by attending. Give these kids an experience of a lifetime! For all the details on the concert, check out my other post!

On a more personal note, my wonderful grandparents are flying out from Wisconsin this weekend and will celebrate Thanksgiving with the West Coasters. We’re so excited to have them visit! I’m really looking forward to spending time with them next week, because really, every moment is precious.

I’ll be signing off for the week to gear up for this weekend. Wish me luck, and I’ll be sure to have lots of pictures from the weekend to share on Monday!


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Gearing up – Holiday Craft Fair

November 21, 2009
Holiday Crafts Market
Spartan Recreation Center, 18560 1st Ave NE, Shoreline WA
Hours: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

I am meeting with my friend Kimi today, to gear up for the Shoreline Holiday Crafts Market – we’ll be sharing a table at this fine event, to sell our wares! Kimi is a jewelry guru (check out EnokiDesigns), and of course I’ll be hawking fun holiday-themed ceramic items. The actual date isn’t until later this month – Saturday Nov. 21st – but  we want to start thinking about set-up and how we’re going to display our awesome stuff for maximum effectiveness.

I’ve been working steadily for the last month or so on new items especially for this event. Here’s a preview!


assorted heart pins

I am loving the gold accents that I’ve started incorporating into a lot of my decorative pieces. It just adds a bit of sparkle and glamour.


heart & leaf ornaments

This has been a big focus – creating unique hanging ornaments. I think they are quite charming!


a few closeup


a few more

I also have a couple other ideas developing – I’m firing a kiln today, so those will be ready to go quite soon. They’re fun ideas, and so simple – I’m making a huge batch of circular charms which I’ll make into wine-glass charms (you know, the ones that clip to the stem of the glass so you remember which one is yours). And on the same beverage-minded theme, I’m toying with fun swizzle sticks. Who wouldn’t love to get colorful ceramic swizzle sticks in a Christmas stocking?? ^_^

Here are some pics, pre firing –


wine charms, pre-firing


swizzle sticks, pre-firing

So, fun, fun stuff coming up. If you’re in the Seattle area later this month, and want to check out fun crafts and gifts on the north-side, the Shoreline Holiday Craft Market is the place to be!

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