6 responses to “First Mate Piggy Costume Tutorial: Pt 3 – Pigs In Space Felt Decal

  1. Thanks so much for this tutorial! We used it to create our Pigs in Space running costumes for the Star Wars Half Marathon!

  2. patsy

    Thanks so much for the downloads, templates , and instruction for the dress. My granddaughter ,(with many health handicaps) has decided to be Miss Piggy this Halloween. Your help has made it super easy to fill her wishes! Thanks again.

  3. aprilwalterscom

    I love this! Stars are hard, so I ordered some embroidered iron-on ones from ebay. My base dress is from Coquetry Clothing on etsy (lilac skater dress). Yours looks amazing though! I lack time and sewing skills, but yours definitely inspired me.

  4. aprilwalterscom

    How did you attach the felt logo to the dress? Sewing, fabric glue, other? Thanks!

    • RebekkaFerbrache

      Hi April! If I remember correctly, I think I stitched it on, just loosely by hand. But there are probably lots of different ways that would work to attach it well.

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