welcoming the sun’s return

How did I miss the whole month of March??
Oh right, I’ve been workin’ like a mad-lady. But I’ve missed you!

Anyhoo! Before I totally miss the month of April as well, I wanted to say Happy Easter, and maybe (just maybe) the spring has finally arrived in Seattle. At least, we’ve seen a bit of the sun in the last few days, and I think the frost has finally given up most mornings.

Purple hard boiled egg

But in honor of today being Easter, I want to focus on eggs.
Yes this is a a hard-boiled egg:
Isn’t it crazy?

But that’s not the best part! Here is my egg sliced in half:

pretty purple pickled egg!

I love it! This beats dying the outside of eggs any day.
And the best part is, it’s all natural, and still tastes great. I discovered the idea of pickling eggs with beet juice from one of my go-to foodie blogs Simply Recipies, and you can find her recipe for pickled eggs right here! It’s so easy to do, provided you have beet juice on hand. You can use the juice from fresh beets, or do as I did and use the stuff from canned beets.

I’ll definitely be pickling eggs again, and probably try out some of Elise’s other pickle recipes.

So happy Easter, to those who celebrate it! And welcome springtime and new beginnings!



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2 responses to “welcoming the sun’s return

  1. Fantastic colour – what a great idea and wonderful pictures!!

  2. Marti

    My husband loves pickled eggs so I will be trying this recipe soon! Thanks…

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