Continuing my “garden”

We had a few days of beautiful spring sunshine here in Seattle last week. It got me so revved up for planting and opening all my windows, and generally feeling spring-y!

yellow ranunculus

Of course, it didn’t last long! It has been dreary and drizzly for days, with no sign of the return of the sun. But that didn’t stop me this weekend from heading to the garden center and picking up supplies.
With list in hand, I picked up a variety of lettuce seeds; compost to add to the dirt I already had; string bean seeds; cilantro seeds…

new rosemary plant

…a new rosemary plant to replace the one I’d had for such a long time (it had been sickly for a while)


thyme plant

…And a new thyme plant – you can never go wrong with planting lots of herbs, am I right? With the rosemary and thyme supplementing my existing parsley plant (no sage at the moment – otherwise I’d break out into song).

And because I was craving flowers, I also picked up a few pots of brightly colored ranunculus! A splash of color greets me whenever I look out my living room window now ^_^

potted ranunculus and primroses


So until the sun decides to reappear, I guess I’ll have to be happy with my pretty flowers and just know that real spring is coming soon!



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