What’s this in the air?

Seattle got some snow yesterday, and the hype was intense. Not enough to keep M home from work today, however. Boo!

Primroses with snow

I celebrated my birthday yesterday, and it was actually kind of nice – I knew it would be a low-key event by design, and even if snow and sickness kept a few of my close friends from venturing out, I definitely felt loved and cozy warm. I bought sushi from QFC, had a whole array of fixin’s for ice cream sundaes. We watched (almost) the entire Back to the Future trilogy.

Back to the Future DVD set

My parents were brave enough to chance the 45 minute drive. My older brother walked from his house to mine in the cold. My younger brother stopped by after he got off work at 10, along with his roommate to have some ice cream and catch the end of Part II. And I got an amazing present from M and his folks – a brand-spankin’ new laptop, upon which I now type! I’m very excited to join the 21st century and have a computer that actually works.

So today I’m trying to catch up on stuff and accustom myself to my new technology! And prepare to transition from my old set-up to the new. And also glancing out the window every so often to see if the dusting has melted yet.

snow-dusted dusty miller

Happy Thursday! Stay warm 🙂


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