After-Christmas Finds

Almost as much as I love shopping for Christmas presents (or a lot of the time, crafting said presents), I have a great love of those after-Christmas bargains you can find. But I’m not talking about all the “stuff” I wish I’d received as gifts that I’ll go out and buy myself (I don’t do this). I love all the Christmas and holiday decorations and such that stores are trying to get rid of as quickly as possible. 75% off? yes please ^_^

And I’m totally outing myself as a Goodwill junkie, but I definitely went there today and perused the two aisles of random holiday junk and loved every second. Found a few gems too!

old school red apple ornaments


cute lil apple!

Do you remember these? I know my parents have about 3 or 4 of these apple ornaments in varying sizes with my name on them. Not to mention the ones with my brothers’ names. These, of course, are blank, and it makes me grin just thinking about writing people’s names and the year with a metallic Sharpie, for cute little gifts next year! (Oh, and those teeny multi-colored glass baubles above are from Urban Outfitters – only $4 for 50 of those little guys!!!)

Another find I was way too excited about were these:

pop-up silver snowflake decoration

I dug around in a bin and found three of these awesome retro pop-up snowflakes (still new in their packaging!). They’re big and shiny, and totally a throw-back to an age of silver tinsel and aluminum Christmas trees. I’ll store them away till next year, though, because even though I like to leave holiday decorations up well into January…I can’t bring myself to do more decorating after the day.

I found a few other nifty things – a set of nine vintage glass ball ornaments in gold. And a baggie of those great satin thread-covered balls

vintage ornaments

The glass balls are exactly like the kind my parents have had forever (Bradford’s of Boston), so I was understandably nostalgic. 🙂
And I have more craft ideas in mind for those great satin-y styrofoam balls – like doing something like this with them:

image from

How fun are those? Love that all you need is some fun rick rack, straight pins, and an assortment of beads to turn an uninteresting ball into something stunning.
All in all, I spent about $9 on all my new treasures. HA love it.

Anyone else indulge in after-Christmas decoration hunting? 🙂



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  1. I have some of those red apples. I didn’t know that I could write on them though. Cool idea.

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