Misty-eyed over…

It’s the week of Christmas! Do you have all your weekend plans in place? This will be M and my first Christmas as a married couple, yay! But that still means figuring out how we will split our time, since both of our families live in the area. No quiet, just-the-two-of-us holiday this year. We will be driving all over the western half of the state. But it will be good to see lots of family! (and my youngest bro just flew back for the holiday break from Boston, so I can’t wait to see him!)

Our apartment is all decked out in holiday cheer, but I am totally tempted by a few last-minute decor crafts! Check out these adorable and colorful trees I stumbled across in my blog-wanderings:

{from Thompson Family-Life, via Paper*Cakes Finds}

I love those gorgeously unexpected colors, and all those cute trimmings…lace, buttons, velvet ribbon, dainty straight pins, jingle bells! How adorable would these look on a mantle place, a book shelf, or as a dining table centerpiece!?

*Sigh* but I never seem to have styrofoam cones on hand! But what a fun project, and they look easy to make, too. Maybe if I go crazy at the craft store…there’s still time, right? haha

Anyone else have last-minute holiday projects on their plate? 🙂


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