Last attempt at summer

This weekend was a whirlwind, consisting of long drives, ferry rides, walking windy coastal beaches and lounging by a campfire. M & I went in for one more bit of fun (before summer leaves us behind) and went camping with our good friends Matt & Darby.

kalaloch lodge archway

We went to one of my fave camping locales – Kalaloch (kah-LAY-lock) on the Olympic Peninsula. It takes about 4 hours to get there from Seattle (including a ferry ride) if you time it right. But we still ended up getting there in the dark. The stars were amazing – we got a rare clear night. I had never seen the Milky Way before, but there it was! Just awe-inspiring.

We made an awesome breakfast Saturday morning (which really ended up being lunch). Bacon, hash browns, scrambled eggs, muffins Darby brought, and a messy blueberry pancake. Turns out pancakes are not easy on a camp stove!

camp breakfast

Saturday was spent walking on a blustery beach, flying kites, collecting beach wood.

M kite-flying

And the sun broke through for one shining moment.

The Ocean

The rain moved in late Saturday night, and we woke up Sunday to a very soggy campsite. We packed up as quickly as we could in the morning, but I think we all got quite soaked. We headed to the Kalaloch Lodge for breakfast, before heading back home.

kalaloch lodge signage

A very fun weekend, but definitely grateful to have a warm cozy bed to come home to! Summer is definitely over at the coast. Maybe we’ll see a few more warm days in the city, but now thoughts are turning toward autumn.
Anyone else have last trips or thoughts of summer?



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2 responses to “Last attempt at summer

  1. Darby

    It was so much fun! Can’t wait to go camping with you guys again!

  2. Matt

    I agree. You guys also neeeeeed to come up for some harvesty fun this month!

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