Too funny for words

Our wedding day is rapidly sneaking up on us, and I feel like we’re trying to get all the last details done before the week-of. Sorry for not posting more here! Ol’ bloggy just takes a back seat sometimes, right?

But despite all the end tasks,  I picked up a novel two days ago, and it’s been just what I needed. I’ve always been an avid consumer of books, and M just finished reading this one, so now it was my turn.

Have you read any of Christopher Moore’s books? I hadn’t heard of him before I met M, but I’ve read several of them now, and he’s just great. His books are funny. And I mean that in the most literal sense – like, literally laugh-out-loud funny. He’s the kind of author you need to read by yourself, or only with people who know and love you anyway, because everyone else will look at you like a crazy person when you bust out laughing for no apparent reason.

I’m not going to go into any reviews or summaries of  his books, other than to say he writes quirky and unique characters really well. And there’s always something crazy and bizarre that goes on in his books, yet you can almost believe they could actually happen.

The first Christopher Moore book I read, and I’d totally recommend it as a first-read, was a novel called Fluke.

Again – hilarious, and actually very thought-provoking, as an afterthought… 🙂

He has written a whole slew of books, and I’ve only really just scratched the surface, but if you’re looking for a fun book this summer, and you like fiction and laughing, and tongue-in-cheek humor, I’d say check this guy out!


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  1. Diane

    So glad you enjoy Moore’s books. I love them. Have you “fanned” him on Facebook? Pretty funny!

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