One Month

Today marks the one-month date…that’s right, in 30 days I’m getting married! This thing has been such a long time coming, I don’t really quite believe it. It feels like we still have so much planning to do, but when I step back and really assess the final (unfinished) details, we’ve really got this thing pretty much under control (CRAZY!).

We know where people will be parking (a big issue for a small, dead-end road), the food is going to be amazing, I finished all my super-secret favors…it only took over a year, and the house will look fantastic. 🙂

There definitely are some major things that haven’t been totally worked out yet, but I know we can do it.

And today, I’m heading down to my parents’ house to do some yard work! Gotta make sure the place looks damn fine for the big day! They have  a ton of rhododendron bushes all over the property, and they’re all past their bloom. Ug, rhodies are so ugly when their flowers have turned brown and droopy and gross, haha.

So here we go into the home stretch! It’s all the fun stuff from here on in, right? RIGHT??


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  1. Right! And you’ll remember this when you are 80 holding your husband’s hand.

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