Deux the Dishes

Oh the Internets…I am continually reminded of what an incredible invention it is that allows us to find so much information (often trivial and obscure) just with the typing of a few words and a click here and there.

Case in point, I just returned from my ONE shopping Achilles heal – that glorious store Anthropologie. I know I am not alone when I admit the mere thought of the store makes me go all dreamy-eyed. I know of no other retail store that has this effect on me.

But I digress…most of the time I don’t buy anything when I go into Anthropologie (and I go there quite often, being that I can walk there from my house!), and I am strictly a Sale-Rack shopper when I do make a purchase. But that doesn’t mean I can’t wander the floor and imagine, and be inspired by all the creativity wafting about.

Hidden in the back corner nook where lots of their on-sale housewares/knicknacks reside, I found two of these gems at a screamin’ deal:

Isn’t this the cutest dishtowel ever? I was immediately drawn to the sharp and delicious contrast between the deep teal color and the crisp white fabric. And marked down 80%?? Yes, please!

And so proud was I of my bargain purchase, I wanted to post it here on my blog; so in trying to find a photo, I discovered since it was such a sale item, the towel isn’t even on Anthro’s website any more. So I did a general Google search for “‘do the dishes’ Anthropologie towel”
…and I discovered that the designer/creator of these super cute tea towels is actually an Etsy seller from Glasgow! Her shop is called showpony and she has lots of other cool and cute screen-printed items for sale!

I don’t know, I was just struck by the fact that our world really has become so small – so connected! I had just bought something made by another Etsy seller! (Clearly a very successful seller). Anyways, it may seem silly to some people (go ahead, you can roll your eyes at me) but all I could think was, “Whoa! COOL!!”
Not only did I get two awesomely cute tea towels for a ridiculously good deal, but they were handmade by a real person from one of my favorite places on earth (the UK). And I give so much props to Anthropologie for supporting real artists and craftspeople. Makes me feel even better about my one secret shopping addiction 🙂


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