Clay projects

I’ve had several requests for custom ceramic pieces lately, so I thought I’d share what I’m working on for other people!

Continuing on my lace-textured trend, as seen in my cuff cups…
…I decided to use this texture in two other projects.

The first was commissioned by a friend – two wall-pockets. These are conical vases that are intended to hang on a wall or other vertical surface. They are pictured still in the unfired stage (bone dry) so the lace pattern isn’t easy to see. Once they are glazed, the lace will be much more prominent.

The second project was a request for something garden-esque for a silent auction basket donation. Whatever I donate would be added to other garden items, and the proceeds from the auction benefit the Woodland Park Zoo.

So to keep things simple and functional, I decided to make a set of 3 slab-built flower pots, again with the lace texture…

Each one is unique  (as handmade items are!) and I plan to glaze each one in a slightly different color.
I just wish things didn’t have to dry so slowly! Ceramics is definitely a game for the patient.


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  1. I love lace! I would never have thought of combining ceramics and lace. That was very creative of you.

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