Cheddar & Scallion Biscuits

One of my new favorite blogs is the fantastic Smitten Kitchen. I am constantly inspired by Deb’s recipes, humor, and foodie pictures, and every time she posts a new recipe, I just want to start cooking right away!

But alas, normally I don’t have all the needed ingredients on hand so I put her recipes on the back burner (haha) for later, by which time I’ve usually forgotten what I wanted to make.

HOWEVER, when this recipe for Blue Cheese Scallion Drop Biscuits showed up, I was all over it, with a slight modification for what I had on-hand: Sharp Cheddar.

Cheddar Scallion Biscuits

Cheddar Scallion Biscuits

There’s nothing quite like a fresh baked biscuit, especially when it’s chock full of cheesy goodness and fresh spring green onions! The trick with baked goods with cheese is, when cooked the cheese loses some of its intensity – which is why when you make a cheese biscuit, you want to use a really strong cheese (since it won’t be as strong once they’re done baking). For Deb’s recipe, blue cheese would be perfect! If you’re using a milder cheese, you want to put ALOT in. If you think you’re over-doing it on the cheese, you’re not. 🙂 The same goes with the scallions – put in more than you think you should. Everything comes out milder once it’s baked!

I basically used the Smitten Kitchen recipe exactly, save for swapping the blue cheese for cheddar. I wish I had upped the amount of cheddar I used, but oh well – live and learn!
I used my food processor to cut the butter into the dry ingredients (makes it SO easy) and then transferred to a large bowl to stir in the wet ingredients.

Cheddar Scallion Biscuits before

Cheddar Scallion Biscuits - before

Cheddar Scallion Biscuits after

Cheddar Scallion Biscuits - fresh from the oven

Mmmmmm, so yummy. Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner! No wonder they’re gone so fast…:)


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