DIY Paper Banner – update

You may remember last month when I posted about a large project M and I are working on. It’s a 6-foot by 10-foot paper banner collage made from old book pages and Mod Podge.
Well, this huuuuuuge canvas has just been rolled up and hanging out in our kitchen for a month, looking awkward and taking up space. We didn’t get to step two until this week.

The next step was to paint words onto our cool collage. We want three different excerpts, though at the moment we’re only positive about the one that will go in the center of the banner: a song lyric from one of my favorite bands, Cloud Cult.

May your lives be long, and may your wishes all be simple.

You can listen to the song here – it’s a haunting song, that builds and builds. This lyric is taken from the chorus, and I love the sentiment. M and I both think it exemplifies what we want our wedding to be about.

SO, to put the text on the banner, what we did first was choose a font, which is called Selfish (haha) and we printed out the words – large so they can be read at a distance. (Sorry about the blurry photo!)

collage banner - text layout

collage banner - text layout

After penciling in a straight horizontal guideline for the words, we used the ol’ “graphite on the backside of the paper” trick to make a kind of carbon-copy. By tracing the letters with a ballpoint pen, the pencil outline gets transferred onto the banner.

With the pencil outlines in place, I used a fine tipped paint brush and filled in the letters with black acrylic paint.

collage banner with one line of text

Don’t you love how the words really pop? I was afraid the text would get lost in the background, but it really works!

Here’s the banner with the rest of the lines in place:

collage banner with full text

banner text - detail


Obviously this was an ambitious project due to the sheer size of our banner, but I think this could be a very fun small-scale project too! All you need is some book pages, something to mount them on (like another sheet of paper, cardboard, particle board, etc), Mod Podge to apply the pages, and then some kind of text or graphics to place over your background. You could paint on the letters like we did, or you can even get vinyl stick-on letters from an office store or stationery supply store. It’s a great project to get creative with.

As for us, the banner is rolled up and back in the kitchen :-p
until we get figure out the other two sets of text!


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