A weekend summary

We had a very fun weekend, with lots of driving for me. Here are some of the highlights I was able to capture with my lil camera.

We got free tickets to the Muse show at Key Arena on Friday, thanks to M’s awesome coworker who had the hook-up! Our seats were so great (we were in the fancy XO Boardroom in the box-seat level!) and the concert was a fantastic spectacle. Those Brits do know how to put on a memorable performance!

Complete with 50-foot moving stage towers, lasers galore, and a finale of giant balloon eye-balls filled with confetti.

Compared with the concert, the rest of the weekend was pretty low key 🙂
I fired a bisque load in my kiln, which now needs to get glazed. I made an Anthropologie-inspired set of mugs for M and me. I love their Monogrammed Mugs, but wanted to see if I could make my own version with a different font. And since I don’t plan to sell these on my Etsy site, I don’t feel guilty about it 😛

Also from that kiln load was a set of bowls I DO plan to put in my Etsy shop, but they’re not quite ready yet. I made these super cute little bowls, which I glazed in Celedon Green, and put shards of glass from a Sapphire Gin bottle at the bottom (such a gorgeous blue color!). I’m not quite happy with them yet, so I think I’ll be firing them one more time before they go in the shop.

And for Easter I made Hot Cross Buns for a breakfast treat – so yummy, chock full of raisins, lemon zest, cinnamon and nutmeg, topped with a sugar glaze. And I read about the interesting history of the Hot Cross Bun – there is more to this pastry than the song you learn on the recorder in 5th grade.

M had to work on Easter, but we were still able to get to my parents’ house for a lovely dinner in the evening. All in all, it was a great weekend.


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One response to “A weekend summary

  1. Sounds and looks like you had a great weekend.

    I’ve made hot cross buns for my piano students when they were learning the song and I’ve given the parents the recipe to make them. It usually works better if I make them as the parents either don’t bake or don’t make the time to do it.

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