Pretty Tulips

Happy April 1st! Nope, no April Fools jokes for me today. But I do want to share some pics of my pretty pretty tulips that have finally bloomed!

These purple and white tulips are just gorgeous.

The yellow tulips were the first to bloom 🙂

I still have some fiery orange ones and cool minty green ones on the way.

There’s nothing quite like being able to step out your door and pick beautiful fresh flowers. This is my kind of instant gratification ^_^



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2 responses to “Pretty Tulips

  1. They are gorgeous. I wish I could grown them but the chipmunks and squirrels ate my bulbs, all 150 of them.

  2. rebekkaguenther

    Yikes! That’s no fun 😦
    I was worried of the same thing, but putting chicken wire over my planters in the fall seemed to do the trick

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