Another Wedding Project – Paper Cones

As a wedding guest, one of my favorite parts of the festivities is when we get to shower the newly-weds with something – rice, rose petals, dried lavender, confetti, whatever! There is something so celebratory in the act of tossing a big fluttery cloud of WOO HOO! I don’t know, it’s just fun, and as a guest I feel like I am even more connected to wishing the couple happiness and prosperity through this ritual.

M & I aren’t planning a big exit from the party at the end of the night (heck, I want to stay till I’m ready to drop!); lots of couples have the big send-off exit with the confetti tossing (or sparklers or whatever!) after the reception. But that doesn’t make sense for us. Rather, we will have our big “exit” when we head back down the aisle after we’re pronounced husband & wife, and our guests can toss stuff at us then. I was hugely inspired by this post from Style Me Pretty back in January.

This DIY bride made paper cones to put confetti in for her guests. I love the double-sided paper, and the simplicity of the idea. Plus, the little sticker informs the guests on what to do and when.
Our variation on this idea will be to hang the cones (with ribbon) on the backs of the chairs at the ceremony rather than hand them out to guests.

M really liked the idea, especially since it involved cool paper (he’s such a graphic designer…he drools over fonts and papers!). So we hit up a few paper stores until we found some really cool designer paper at a cute little store in Wallingford called Paper Delights. We wanted to find a double-sided patterned paper in our color palette, and though we were hoping to find some navy blue & white damask paper (no luck), the green and light turquoise pattern we bought is just beautiful.

So here’s how you do this…

The paper we got was 24″x36″ so we could cut them into 6″ squares and get 24 cones per sheet (not too shabby). A paper-cutter made this waaaaay easier than cutting by hand.

After making a stack of paper squares, I popped in a movie and got to work taping. I quickly realized that forming a perfect cone is not easy to do freehand. The paper does not want to cooperate which can be very frustrating. My solution? I made a kind of template out of stiffer cardstock, so then all I would have to do is wrap my pretty paper around the template cone to get the right shape! This definitely made the whole process easier.

So with template cone in hand, I would wrap a paper square, grab a little piece of double-sided tape, and tape the edge down near the point. Then with a larger strip of tape, I’d tape the rest of the edge down to finish it off.

I alternated which side of the paper faced outward so there would be a bit of variety.

We still need to design stickers to put on the front of the cones, and also punch a hole in each one to string with ribbon. But the tedious part of taping the cones is done 🙂

I envision these hanging from the chairs at our ceremony, filled with rose petals, ready to be tossed joyously into the air as M and I walk back down the aisle ^_^
Yes, it’s the little details that make me smile.



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8 responses to “Another Wedding Project – Paper Cones

  1. God bless you. And your wedding, it will be a special, and beautiful event. Much success, also in your gift. Of creativity…..You have a natural talent.


  2. Jayne

    Well after hours of trying no way could i get it to work, i just had ahuge gap at the bottom, so i think 6×6 is the wrong size…mine went in the bin

    • RebekkaFerbrache

      Oh no! I’m sorry you’re not having luck with this, Jayne! It is true this project can a bit tricky and tedious! 😦
      Since writing this post, I’ve done another project involving rolled cones that may help:
      It may or may not be helpful to you, but there are some step-by-step pictures that show the progression of rolling a paper cone. (This is a different method than I used for my wedding cones and it is actually simpler than using the cardstock template.)
      Best wishes!

  3. Jayne

    no i cant get it….the ends wont come together i just have a huge gap….

  4. Jayne

    My husband spent 2 hrs last night trying to do this with both paper and card and in the end gave up, he says he is bewildered as to why it wont work!
    I desparately need cones for a party and have no clue what to do…but thanks for trying to help

    • RebekkaFerbrache

      Hi Jayne, I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time with this project! I wish I could do more to help you! Maybe you could check out this video I found in a Google search – it’s more of a “folded” cone tutorial with creases, but it could be helpful to you, if you’re still trying!
      I think the trick to eliminating the gap is to get the point of the cone really tight – making an actual fold at the corner may help you do this.
      Best of luck!

  5. MO

    Where did you find your paper?

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