My chair refinishing project

So I was at the Goodwill in Ballard a couple weeks ago, and they always have a huge selection of furniture that they just let chill outside the entrance. Normally there isn’t anything really cool, or if I do see something interesting it’s too big to fit in my car or there really is no practical reason for me to purchase it (vintage steamer chest, I’m lookin’ at you).

But this chair had so much potential and it was only 8 BUCKS! Now, the upholstery was really discolored and worn, there were paint drips on the wood, this thing had clearly had a long rough life. But I saw the potential.

I mean, look that that backrest detailing! And those cool legs and arm supports! For $8, I’m sold.
(I have a destination for this chair, which I’ll touch on later)

So for the first time ever, I undertook a furniture restoration project.
I know I could have spray painted the frame for a really fun modern effect (plus it would take a fraction of the time), but I really liked the wood!

So instead, I stripped and sanded the wood frame until it was clean and smooth.

Then I stained it a beautiful dark walnut color.

(this shows the chair half-stained, and then fully stained)

I love how the deepening of the color makes it so much richer and just gorgeous!! Staining raw wood is a very satisfying experience. 🙂

My soon to be mother-in-law helped me so much with the re-upholstering. M and I had picked out a fun green+white patterned fabric for the seat, and his mom and I staple-gunned it on.
And after a few coats of Wipe-On-Poly finish (to protect the newly stained wood), and screwing the seat back in place, voila!!

I think it is such a beautiful chair! And I love the dark wood with the springy green! Such an improvement from where the chair started. And a big thanks to Diane for all the help she gave me ^_^

And, as mentioned above, I have a final destination in mind for this chair (and not just for sitting in our apartment). I’ll divulge more on that soon. Happy Monday!



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5 responses to “My chair refinishing project

  1. I love meeting and seeing the creativity of others, who know and see the potential of something beautiful, and do no just discard it, or throw it away. As if it was worthless. You dear heart, have just that gift as well. To see beauty and to make it shine! For that you shine as well. That chair is gorgeous….

    Have a blessed day, the Lord loves you.

    Elena “Just My Thoughts”

  2. Very nice! I was really pleasantly surprised to see such a nice transformation. The upholstery adds to the gorgeousness of it.

  3. Diane

    Thanks for the credit, but you did all the hard work. It look beautiful. Well done! I love that you look for ways to recycle and reuse things creatively.

    By the way, the new stuff on your Etsy site is beautiful.

  4. Colleen

    I’m so glad that you stained it instead of painting! It always makes me a little sad to see painted wood!

    Nice job, Bekka! It’s lovely! 🙂

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