Paper Banner Project

So here’s another project M and I are working on. A HUGE paper collage banner that we will paint a poem/song lyrics/etc on and hang in the ceremony space for the wedding.

I got the idea from one of Style Me Pretty’s Inspiration to Reality shoots.

the inspiration, from style me pretty

The idea of making a canvas from old book pages really grabbed me! It felt very vintage and DIY (both of which I love).
I had been trying to brainstorm ideas for a huge banner-sized something to cover up a window that will be a somewhat awkward feature of the back wall of the ceremony space.
My mom and I were thinking some kind of fabric to hang, but it would have to be BIG (it’s a 6′ wide window) and fabric can be expensive.

Raw materials: Vintage books!

I found these adorable children’s 1930s encyclopedias¬† at Goodwill – they were perfect! Lots of text, with neato illustrations and page borders. In addition to those I also grabbed an old paperback Romeo & Juliet for 69 cents.

cool vintage page illustrations

The process is simple –

I made a ten-foot by six-foot base by taping drawing paper together (like I said – BIG). From there, taking the dis-assembled book pages, slathering the backs with Modge Podge, and smoothing into place.

Modge Podging

smoothing down

We wanted a very un-gridlike final product, so we did lots of overlapping.

M - pasting pages!

Until we got the last page pasted and all the white paper underneath was covered up!

finished collage

The next step will be pencilling in our words to paint. We’ll probably do 2-3 different lines of text in large black letters of different style fonts.

One song lyric that I really like is from one of my favorite bands, Cloud Cult, and it goes:
May your lives be long,
and may your wishes all be simple

I really like that sentiment. And we’ll find a couple more to complement that. Check back later for the finished banner!



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2 responses to “Paper Banner Project

  1. Fantastic idea! Way to make a negative feature into something really unique that will reflect your personality!

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