Artwalk Recap

I should have given an update on how the First Thursday artwalk went…on Friday…but I didn’t get around to it, haha.
Better late than never!

Anyways, we had lots of people come through the space, which was great! It was lots of fun, chatting with people, drinking wine and sparkling oj. By the end of the evening, most of my business cards that I had put out had been picked up, so I hope that folks check out my Etsy site!

Here are some pics from the space:

Jadeflower Ceramic Sculptures

Mixed Media Paintings by Annette Melton

Enoki Designs Jewelry - by Kimi Haraguchi

Another view of my Spiky sculptures

The amount of foot-traffic we got through the evening was very encouraging. Now that the warmer weather is approaching, many more of the artwalking crowd will come out. Kimi and I hope to continue doing the First Thursdays in this location, along with other artists who may rotate in or something. In any case, I’m going to make this an monthly event for Jadeflower Ceramics! So on the first Thursday of each month, you’ll know where to find me 🙂


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One response to “Artwalk Recap

  1. Diane

    These are beautiful. How classy and professional!

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