Highlights from the weekend

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

M and I had a pretty low-key evening – he had to work all day, but had promised to make me dinner (gasp!), so we walked to the store when he got home to get ingredients. We had a delicious meal of paprika-seasoned baked salmon, asparagus sauteed in a butter sauce, and garlic mashed potatoes! (M did a great job, with only minimal help from me ^_^)
For dessert, I had made two little brownie cups using this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, topped with whip cream and blackberries; I halved the recipe and substituted agave for the sugar and they still turned out great! Very dense, but hugely satisfying brownies.

Valentine hanging centerpiece

I made a bunch of crimson felt flowers that I hung from the light fixture above our dining table for a whimsical Valentine centerpiece. Simple but fun!

wedding shoes ^_^ bleached

I think I have found the shoes I’ll wear for the wedding – a thrift store find!! These Report peep-toe wedges are super comfortable and uber-cute (they go with my dress style perfectly). I had to modify them slightly, however. When I bought them, they looked white to me. Turns out they were more cream-colored than I thought. But, no problem! I decided to try taking a cotton swab of bleach to the little crocheted flowers to make them whiter. It worked like a charm! You can see the original color in the picture on the left, and after being bleached on the right. I love a cost-effective solution 🙂

DS carrying pouch

Another craft project from the weekend was something I did for M. He recently bought himself a new toy – a Nintendo DS. He asked me if I could sew him a sharp little carrying pouch for it. We went to the fabric store, and he picked out a soft black faux-suede fabric, and three thread colors – which I used to “embroider” 3 stripes – the Motorsport BMW colors. Ahhhh we are dorky ^_^

bisque-fired kiln

Lastly, I bisque-fired a kiln, and everything looks good – ready for some glazing!! A very fun little thing I’m doing in this load is some ceramic mustaches, heehee! The mustache trend has gotten hold I me; I do think they are very fun. These are actually intended for my wedding – we are thinking of constructing a Photobooth, and I think some mustaches on sticks are definitely in order 🙂


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