Petticoat Tutorial by Sugardale

It never fails to impress me how vast a network Etsy is, and how many awesomely creative people are a part of this community. And also, one can’t help but marvel at the huge generosity of Etsy-ites. And what I mean by generosity, specifically, is that many many folks on Etsy go out of their way to be helpful to others – and a prime example of this is this blog I stumbled across a few days ago, by Sugardale who incidentally has an awesome Etsy site.

I have it in my head to make my own petticoat (for one, I’ll wear it with my wedding dress, and for two I’ve got plenty of other dresses and skirts that would love to be a bit pouffier ^_^). So to the Internets I went, looking for a simple pattern or instructions for making one. While there are many websites that have instructions for sewing a petticoat, as well as the histories of such a garment, when I found Sugardale’s tutorial, I looked no further.

First of all, her petticoat design is exactly the size and shape that I was looking for. And secondly, her instructions are not only very well explained, but she has awesome step-by-step pictures showing what to do, which is SO helpful (especially for a self-taught novice like me!).

So, I’ve already gone to Jo-ann Fabrics and I have all my supplies at the ready! I’ll let you know how it goes when it’s all finished ^_^


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