“Awesome”…in band form

One of the things I love about Seattle is the music scene. And the Seattle scene is home to my very favorite-est local band ever, “Awesome“.

And you may ask, ” ‘Awesome’? C’mon, seriously? The band is named ‘Awesome’?” And I would say, “Yes! Very much so!”

I was first introduced to “Awesome”back in…’05 I guess it was. My roommate worked in the same office as the trumpet player and brought me to my first “Awesome” show at the Rendezvous in Belltown. And what a show it was. The tiny side room they played was packed, and we couldn’t even sit on the floor at the front because it would interfere with the theremin . But man what a night. I didn’t know what I was in for, and also didn’t know that in the years since I would attend countless (because I haven’t kept count) shows that “Awesome” has played.

{an “Awesome” performance at Sasquatch that I missed because I thought they were playing a half-hour later!}

“Awesome” is quirky, clever, immensely musical, existential, hilarious, improvisational, ironic, and original. And I’m not bashful saying I’m an “Awesome” fan.

And since I’ve focused so much on Wedding stuff on this blog o’ mine, I might as well tell the story of how “Awesome” saved a relationship.
The folks who knew M & I when we first started dating know that our early courtship was…well…not perfect. In fact, our relationship had several points at the beginning where it seemed it had ended. BUT that was not to be our fate. In May of 2006, we had come to a pivotal point – M had reached his limit and had made up his mind to end things between us; and I (who had been keeping M at arms length) had finally decided that I was being cruel and that I would let M in a little. We had already planned a date that week – this was a crucial day.
Our date was: I had bought tickets to go see “Awesome” perform their new musical theatre experience entitled NoSIGNAL. At the last minute my roommate decided to come too (a move that M saw as a female defense tactic).

Long story short, we had such a fantastic time seeing “Awesome” perform NoSIGNAL (it was M’s first time experiencing “Awesome”), and with my renewed dedication to making things work, our relationship continued to grow, until this very day, where M & I are engaged to get married! Funny how things work out…
Our dating anniversary (and we both independently chose this day) is the day we saw NoSIGNAL, May 6th  (2006) (even though we actually met and had our first “date” back in April of ’05!).

So there you have it, a little intertwined history of M & me and “Awesome” the band. And I hope we’ll have many more opportunities to see them play their music and perform theatrics.

By the way…I heard a little rumor that “Awesome” will be releasing their 3rd CD at Chop Suey (Capitol Hill) February 6th. I haven’t confirmed this yet, but you can be sure, that if this is correct I will definitely be there!


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One response to ““Awesome”…in band form

  1. Kat

    Ah, can’t believe how much this strange little band came to mean to all of us! 🙂 The good old days…
    Glad to play some sort of role in it all – can’t wait to catch another show after we move back to Seattle!

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