The weekend

I had my last kiln fire before Christmas – so I’ve added several more items to my Jadeflower Shop on Etsy. That always feels good 🙂

I’ve been really enjoying the book My Life in France – by Julia Child. It basically an autobiography of her years living abroad with her husband and developing her passion for French food and cooking.

My Life In France by Julia Child

My Life In France by Julia Child

Prior to this I really knew nothing about Julia Child (and I haven’t seen the Julie & Julia movie yet either) but I think since the movie release there has been a renewed public interest in her, and I heard that My Life in France was a book worth reading. And how true!

Being interested in food and cooking myself, it is fascinating to read about Julia’s own journey into cookery. It is also a very real-life account of the time period. Plus, she is hilarious! Her writing style is very engaging, and the amounts of detail she includes from travel excursions and meals she shared in the 1950s is amazing. It is definitely a recommended read.

Homemade Biscotti

On Saturday I made homemade biscotti (recipe from Smitten Kitten). It’s something I’ve wanted to try my hand at for a few years. Turned out quite yummy! And delicious with a hot cup of tea.

not hot tea, but hot wax!

Sunday’s trip to my favorite craft/flea market did not produce the last (and specific) Christmas present I’ve been searching for. But stopping by a thrift store later rewarded me with two darling porcelain tea cups which I then transformed into candles. (Love this tutorial from Martha Stewart)

teacup candle

teacup candle


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