Fun with Felt – Gift Bows!

One of my favorite daily indulgences is checking out the hugely inspirational blog at Twig & Thistle. There are just too many creative things that pop up there all the time, and I love it.

This week they are doing a really fun daily feature on felt crafts and Monday’s was such a perfect example of an idea so simple and inspired, it’s sheer genius.

With Christmas just around the corner, I know I will be scrambling to get all my gifts wrapped and adorned with care. I believe it’s the extra step with the wrapping that makes the recipient know how special they are! With the tutorial from T&T, you can make beautiful packaging bows that not only adorn the gift, but could be used over and over again, or even used as festive jewelry!

So thanks Twig & Thistle, for this inspired innovation! I’ll be pulling out my felt scraps for a few of these, to be sure! 🙂


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