Another DIY wedding project- custom signposts

You could, perhaps, call me a hands-on crafty gal who is blessed and burdened with a long engagement. It is wonderful to have so much time to do lots of handmade details and elements, but at the same time, I continue to think up more and more projects for myself!
Now, don’t get me wrong, I love doing all these crafty things, especially for a day that will be one of the most significant in my life. I just worry that friends and family will think I’m crazy… 😉

So with that segue in mind, here’s another DIY project that I decided to undertake – custom signposts!

wedding signs!

One of my chief goals in planning this wedding is to make our guests feel completely welcomed and comfortable. Weddings can be very awkward if one doesn’t know what’s going on, where to be, etc. I want to plant visual cues all around the site so that we can avoid that! Starting right as people drive up the street.

We’re getting married at my parents’ home, which isn’t the easiest place to find, so I decided on three separate signs – one for the end of the street, with M and my names pointing the way; one pointing to parking; and one pointing the way to the ceremony site.

So here’s how I went about making these fabulous signs!

Plank wood, base paint, computer print-out text, graphite pencil, ballpoint pen, acrylic paint

1) unpainted wood

I picked up a small pot of Behr paint from Home Depot (technically a “color sample,” but there’s been plenty of paint for many projects already). It is the lighter of our wedding colors – a very pale keylime green. First I painted the wood plank this base color – it took a couple coats for a nice coverage.

2) plank painted light green

Next, I needed my template.
I didn’t want just any old font. After seeing this amazing post for a ice cream buffet, which originated from Eat Drink Chic, I fell in love with the bold font Ecuyer DAX which can be downloaded for free right here! I printed out my words (split over 2 pages, since the text needed to be big), cut them out and taped them together so they would fit nicely on the board.

3) text template

Next, in order to transfer the text from the paper to the board, I used the trick of tracing the backs of the letters with graphite pencil. Then line up the template to the board, and trace over the tops of the letters with a ballpoint pen. Tracing with a firm hand, the pencil will transfer onto the board.

4) trace in pencil the backs of the letters

Now that there is a pencil outline on my board, the next step is painting in the letters with our other wedding color – dark navy blue- with a fine tipped brush.

5) painting letters

It takes a steady hand, some time, and a few coats of the acrylic paint (cheap-o 39 cent stuff) to make signs that look brilliant!

finished custom wedding signs

The next step, of course, will be mounting these on some kind of post, but I’ll worry about that later!

For now, I’m glad I have another project done! And I hope that when people arrive on the big day, this will be the first welcome they see for our event. The first of many small details to put people at their ease for a fun and memorable day!


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One response to “Another DIY wedding project- custom signposts

  1. Natalie

    Very nice Bekka! I would’ve had no idea how to get started on a project like this.

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