Goodnight, November

I don’t know about you, but my Thanksgiving week was all I could have hoped for. It was a time to relax, while at the same time, run around like crazy: baking pies, driving all over the place, hanging out with family and friends, not to mention feasting and fun games of Apples To Apples (my youngest cousin’s favorite game – she’s 9).

So, quick updates from last week –

The PHS Choir Russia-Tour benefit concert was a huge success (in my opinion). The Concert Choir and Norselanders put on a 2-hour show. SO impressive! Most of the pieces were a cappella (i.e. no accompaniment), all the music was totally memorized, and every song was fantastic! It made me very proud to be a PHS choir alum.

PHS Choir with Director Mr. Guenther

Some of my favorite moments from the evening were Norselanders doing an arrangement of the Postal Service song “Such Great Heights” (so awesome!), a Billy Joel song that was just beautiful (“And So It Goes”), and some of my favorite pieces from when I was in Concert Choir – “How Can I Keep From Singing” and “Praise His Holy Name.”


During the week, I worked lightly on a few crafty and wedding-related projects, some of which I’ll get to later this week…


Wednesday night, M and I went to his parents’ house for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner which was lovely! We’re going to have to start doing this whole “share holidays with both families” from now on. 🙂

Thanksgiving Table

On Thanksgiving Day, M and I made our way south to my parents’ house, which was filled with family – my grandparents, my uncle with his wife & my three lovely cousins from the Portland area, my older brother, and then M & me.
In true Guenther tradition, we had happy hour around 2:00 with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. We even got a few games of poker (small change only, of course), something we used to do all the time as kids at Grampa’s house.
Dinner was fabulous, and it was so great to spend time with family!



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2 responses to “Goodnight, November

  1. Mom

    You neglected to mention the amazing desserts you brought. Pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake….pumpkin might just be one of your signature vegetables… what about a ‘spikey’ ceramic pumpkin in cool colors?

  2. Diane

    I totally agree….the pumpkin cheesecake was yummy. BTW: The concert was fabulous and so was the dinner afterwards (Thanks for inviting us!)

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