Faux Latte…mmmm

Living in Seattle, coffee is about as ubiquitous as the rain. Everyone drinks coffee (well, ok, I know of a few exceptions, and more power to them). Now, I’m not a coffee addict. I could just as easily drink decaf as the regular stuff. But I do have a major fondness for the latte. It is my coffeehouse drink of choice, and I always feel it’s a luxury to have one (it doesn’t even need to be a flavored one). That rich foam, the intensity of the espresso….

But! A daily latte fix can be expensive, to say the least. While M and I don’t own an espresso machine (…yet…) we do have a regular coffee maker, and we’ve developed a method for making faux lattes for a morning treat every once in a while. And here I’ll share the process!

First we brew a strong pot of coffee (not too much, since there’s only two of us).

brew that coffee

Next, into two mugs, we add about 1/4 cup of milk, half & half, or soy milk (depending on what we have around). This time, we used vanilla soy milk, yummmm.

soy milk in mugs

Then, (because in a real latte, the milk is steamed), we pop the mugs in the microwave for about 35-40 seconds. You can also do this in a pan on the stove if you’re adverse to the microwave.

Once the milk is nice and warm, I like to add a little agave nectar to sweeten it up a bit. Agave is an excellent sweetener and so good in coffee!

adding agave is optional

Now comes the most crucial element of making this pretend latte. A key tool you need, is a milk frother. I bought ours ages ago at IKEA – it’s called PRODUKT, and it only cost $1.99 (and we’ve gotten so much use out of it!).


Now the fun starts…you just put the end of the frother in the milk, and turn it on! The milk starts to foam up from the vibration of the wand.

frothing the milk

Once your milk is nice and foamy, pour in your coffee. It will cut straight through the foam.

adding coffee

Now all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your rich, foamy, coffee-loving beverage. And the best thing is, it costs just pennies to make. While I still love the luxury of getting a barista-made latte, our improvised homemade version ain’t half bad 🙂

faux latte with cinnamon


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  1. Uncle Bill

    Once again Rebekka, thanks for coming down. Nice pics, wonderful web page.
    I’ll keep in touch

    Uncle Bill

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