To video or not to video

When M & I started talking about actual plans for our upcoming wedding, one thing that we agreed on was that we didn’t need a videographer. Because really, who actually watches their wedding video more than maybe once? And certainly, other people aren’t going to watch it. Plus, I definitely feel (as a guest) that having someone with a video camera in your face is a bit off-putting.

That said, there are a few examples out there in the blogosphere that could change my mind…and prompted me to search for one of these on Ebay…

Bell & Howell 8mm video camera

Bell & Howell 8mm video camera

Oh, and I sure got this camera for a steal! I won it for $1 plus shipping (yessssss). It’s an old-school 8mm film video camera, and it sure is fun! I don’t have film for it yet (and that may prove to be a challenge to find some), but playing around with it and learning how it works from the awesome instruction manual is worth it in itself.


doesn't she look so happy?

My main inspiration was from a wedding that 100 Layer Cake posted back in August, and I wish my wedding could be just like it! Check it out HERE – the pictures are amazing, I love the atmosphere, and down at the bottom of the post is this wonderful little 8mm film that is put to music (Sigur Ros, no less). Watch it – it’s great.
I love the vintage vibe that the film has, and it makes me think that this would be something I’d love to revisit time and again once the wedding has come and gone.

And a more recent posting on Green Wedding Shoes has this great post which is also a very vintage-looking 8mm video set to music. *Sigh* so romantic. 🙂

So, who knows. If I can figure out a way to make my new (old) camera work and find a stash of 8mm film for it, who knows? I may just go the route of a teensy bit of videography at my wedding. We shall see…


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